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Posted by Chris Hohn on May 5, 2012



Moses on Mount Sinai - by Jean Léon Gérôme 1895-1900

Moses on Mount Sinai – by Jean Léon Gérôme 1895-1900

It is crucial here to be aware that every mystic tradition, every source of spirituality, every fountain of knowledge, has been historically POISONED & CORRUPTED, interdicted and planted with all kinds of untruths and spin to suit the demonic Demiurgic manipulators of this false 3D Semi-Virtual Reality; as you read in the above Wikipedia link, this is all too evident for ex regarding the discrepancy between those who place “Moses” at Mount Horeb (the Elohists  -pentagonal 5 letter password ALHIM sources-) and those who place “Moses” at Mount Sinai (the Yahwists  -square 4 letter password YHVH sources-).  In this particular case it turns out that both hold a half of the encrypted keys, as both the Pineal Gland and the Pituitary Glands act as the Inner Portal to communicate with the Higher Selves and the Higher Dimensions/Densities, via lighting up and establishing a Supernal Light medium of interface.   These are the famous “Twin Peaks” or “Twin Pillars” that one can find in so many esoteric circles.

The 2 Brain Hemispheres and the 2 Eyes of Horus  (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

Eye of Horus as secret diagram for the Brain

Eye of Horus as secret diagram for the Brain  (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

Now that we are in-the-zone so to speak, let us remember that THE DIVISION OF THE LEFT & RIGHT HEMISPHERES DOES NOT CORRESPOND TO THE SINGLE “UNI MODAL” (MALE) PINEAL & PITUITARY; this is what was meant by the “Creation of Adam” as a single only male creature, and then a later re-creation through a bipolar Male & Female Creation ss described in the book of Genesis. What is implied is not the sexual “genders” in the first case of the single Uni-Modal creature (often called in Kabbalah the primordial Adam Kadmon), but rather that the “male” is made to be understood as that single Uni-Modal neural platform, while the “female” is made to imply a BIPOLAR Left & Right Brain platform where to the single is symbiotically attached a new dual structure.


“Adam & Eve”            “Adam Kadmon”

EARTH & MOON               SINGLE SUN     

Pineal and Pituitary as INTERFACE between 2 Brain hemispheres

Pineal and Pituitary as INTERFACE between 2 Brain hemispheres, and Portal to the higher Crown Chakra   (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

Now all the organized religion believers can continue to believe to a tee the fairy tale that this Judeo-Christian tradition arose “independently” directly from “God”, but let me here dispel those delusional thoughts by shedding some light on the EGYPTIAN background to all such; the Egyptians of the Pharaonic eras considered the River Nile a MAP OR CELESTIAL PROJECTION OF THE HIGHER DIMENSIONS, a mirror in the ground if you will of the higher realities. When official Egyptology persists in merely promoting a strictly 3D version of this celestial mirroring, in the sense that the mirror consists in just a match between the stars and constellations and what is in the ground, I here offer you the real concealed truth about all this, which is that the higher dimensions are INNER or WITHIN and not somewhere out there in the physical 3D sky, thus the mirroring involves A JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE BRAIN, and this is what the Nile River fractally represents:

White and Blue Nile watershed topography

White and Blue Nile watershed topography

White and Blue Nile

White and Blue Nile

*Below Goro Adachi shows how the Nile River is a fractal operation within the 3D topography*

But the Nile River also holds other layers of fractal symbology, such as the ones I have proposed before:

The WHITE Nile      (1st Hybridization)  ~ White Cross

The BLUE Nile      (2nd Hybridization)  ~  Blue Cross

The RED Nile      (3rd Hybridization)  ~  Red Cross

Besides the White & Blue Nile tributaries implying a GENETIC HYBRIDIZATION at some point along the “Timeline” symbolized by the Nile River (at the Khartoum point where the confluence of both takes place along that “Timeline”)  -the White bloodline hybridizing with a royal or Blueblood line-, this explains the later allegory of “Moses” striking the Nile River with his staff and turning its waters red, thus we have another subsequent hybridizatiion which is symbolized by the Red Nile, and this is the one that pertains to our modern Judeo-Christian era history from there on (albeit this is the official history the academia considers the only history to teach as real and valid, as any previous civilizations based on previous hybridizations are a subject still officially  forbidden to talk about or even acknowledge in the most basic terms, such is the tight grip of the current CENSORSHIP of ancient history and the origins of mankind over the “educational” institutions).  In my other older blog I even commented long ago on these White/Blue/Red Nile symbols as the secret origin of the popular flag colors.  I am not including the 3rd triad of monotheist religions  -Islam-, since it would deviate too much an already extremely complex research, but suffice it to state that those 3 monotheisms stem exactly from the same sources.

The RED Knights Templar Cross

The RED Knights Templar Cross, and a few other high illuminati level symbols attached to its secret meaning, concerning this last Hybridization of humans on 3D Earth and its “Omega Point”

In posts from my other older blog like the 2 ones above, one can take a wild ride through the colorful multi-pronged SUBCONSCIOUS NEURO-LINGUISTIC SCRIPTS running rampant within the psychic construct of our Conscious 3D mind, all of them recycling and replaying extant traumatic memories from different very distant pasts, many concerning several previous EXODUS or ARK AGENDAS, which involved an Exodus from former planet Maldek (completely destroyed becoming the Asteroid Belt between Mars & Jupiter), an Exodus from neighboring red planet Mars, but also even longer spanning Exodus agendas from red giant star Betelgeuse in Orion, and so forth.   I often gave the indication that the Christian religious expression “The LAST SUPPER” subliminally plays on the extant subconscious memory of some ancient SUPERNOVA events  -(too far to ponder on, but clearly part of the same fractal “Exodus” repeat loops).  However at all times one must keep the attention focused on the fact that we are always dealing with not simply a 3D “Universe” as by default we tend to think of it, but rather dealing with a multi-dimensional Multiverse, and also painfully on the fact that our 3D reality here is a MATRIX controlled from the MOON, this the importance of understanding the Left & Right split of the 2 Brain hemispheres, as the Moon Matrix imprisons the Right Brain, suppressing its operations & capabilities, in order to impose a narrow 3D based and 5 senses only materialistic linear logic & sequential Left Brain structure of “thinking” upon all mankind, because  the Moon Matrix acts through the Left Brain on a Conscious level, while it implants a fraudulent mask of the Right Brain to substitute for the real Right Brasin and its inherent multi-dimensional connection, This is the reason why the Subconscious si so permanently engaged in all kinds of “noise” in the form of psychotic and aberrant Neuro-Linguistic Scripts, since this is the over powering mask that the Moon Matrix places on top of the real Right Brain to impede the necessary “silence” that would manifest its presence and awareness; this is also exactly the reason why we are constantly kept busy in the sense of being overworked and over or multi-tasked, to keep us occupied into oblivion in order to mask out the Right Brain from surfacing into our Consciousness at any time.

Lyra - represents the interplaying of the Left & Right Brain hemispheres

Lyra – represents the interplaying of the Left & Right Brain hemispheres

Oh yes we have 3 Nile Rivers, but for ex a musician always seeks to focus on the CENTER strings instead of on the outer hemispheres, thus “playing on” the central Axis where the Interface occurs; a musician therefore when playing the right Synchronic Music of the Spheres at the right Universal Pitch key of A @ 432 Hz (instead of the new artificial out-of-sync pitch of Key of A @ 440 Hz brought on by the British during the World Wars of the 20th century, while all were too busy fighting or re building), so one is always on the fluid Ether of the Nile instead of trapped on the desert shores  -to continue with the analogy-.  This is what the notion of “being centered” is about for singers or skiers all the same, to exemplify the psychological posture.

The MONARCH Butterfly at the center of the Brain

MONARCH “Butterfly” at the center of the Brain

One quickly realizes that not only most of what passes off as religion is actually only the external (for the masses) peel of an inner esoteric secret Neuro-Linguistic science as leftover scattered fragments from previous more advanced civilizations which were not just based on the last hybridization of 3D Earth, but were essentially “Exodus Colonies” which came long time before from Mars or Maldek or Betelgeuse or Lyra or what have you.  Take the famous MONARCH Mind Control programme, aiming at totally suppressing the conscious manifestation of the operations of the Right Brain, interfering “from within” with the human mind so that the Right Brain is “owned” by the controller via a series of induced Trauma & Pain Shock therapies, and the subject then is rendered to strictly operate consciously on the Left Brain narrow platform, for all practical purposes like a puppet of the handler; in the above illustration you see the real meaning of the term Monarch in this respect.  But on a wider scale in between incarnations on 3D Earth, isn’t this exactly the modus operandi procedure by which the out-of-sight handlers in the Moon Matrix perform exactly the same shock therapies via drama, wars, death and so forth…?   What I’m saying is that the tiny Monarch Mind Control programme of urban lore, is but a tiny speck compared to the vast ASTRAL PROGRAMMING effected on the human species at large and in a trans-generational Timeline from the Moon substation, on a planetary scale involving thousands of years, where humans are “conditioned” to operate strictly on the Left Brain, suppressing all inputs from the Right Brain, in a very long sequence of painful incarnations on 3D Earth which are essentially “Trauma Inducing Lifetimes” where the survival instincts of the Reptilian Brain kick in out of sheer fear of existence.

Michelangelo - the Brain

“The Creation of Adam” by Michelangelo at the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican (painted 1511)

In an article (1990) titled “An interpretation of Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam Based on Neuroanatomy” (JAMA 264:1837-1841, 1990) byFrank Lynn Meshberger MD, he posited that Michelangelo who was very well versed in human anatomy secretly depicted the human brain, even stating that the “Finger of God” that almost but doesn’t touch the finger of Adam,  conceptually  -and brilliantly so-  depicts the gap known as the SYNAPTIC CLEFT, where neurons jump across the gap to transmit biochemical information.  Hard to argue with the fellow, since his observation strikes dead center at the topic of this series in the blog, which is that there is a secret underlying theme behind Egyptian and Judeo-Christian wisdom concerning the Inner Cave or chamber within the human Brain, as the real portal to the “Kingdom of God”; and that this secret stream of wisdom ran through the filter of the so called Library of Alexandria which was not just a library but a veritable center of learning for the elites, akin to a university and convention center of sorts.  As the Library of Alexandria operated on the Mediterranean shore of North Africa and West of Egypt, it is self evident it contained many secret teachings and artifacts from ancient Egypt and the Pyramids, where the Greeks gathered much of their knowledge, this knowledge later trickling down to the Christian era via the Romans,  What matters here, is the fact that the Greeks were keenly aware of the key concepts of Lower Mind vs. Higher Mind  (thus able to understand that the Brain is merely a BIO COMPUTER INTERFACE between man and the Higher Mind alternatively called the NOUS or the LOGOS), as well as they were versed in the notion that realities are inherently  created   -and managed-  by not just “God” but by DEMIURGES.  Gnosticism in particular placed a great distrust in this specific 3D Earth reality, labeling it as COUNTERFEIT Creation by rogue Demiurges; keep in mind Gnosticism at that time was the 2nd largest religion in the region…!   We see a phenomenal correlation between this hidden background to Christianity, and the post-modern theme of The Matrix based on the Information Age:


IC”  is Integrated Circuit

The Concomitant Theme of Counterfeit Human Automatons


Cave of Brahma

“CAVE OF BRAHMA” is the Inner Cave inside the Brain,  right above the Pineal & Pituitary

GURDJIEFF’s 4th way message states in part:   “Humanity is at a standstill and from a standstill there is a straight path to downfall and degeneration…. There is nothing that points to evolution proceeding. On the contrary when we compare humanity with a man we quite clearly see a growth of personality at the cost of essence, that is, a growth of the artificial, the unreal, and what is foreign, at the cost of the natural, the real, and what is one’s own…. Contemporary culture requires automatons. And people are undoubtedly losing their acquired habits of independence and turning into automatons, into parts of machines…. Man is becoming a willing slave. He no longer needs chains. He begins to grow fond of his slavery, to be proud of it. And this is the most terrible thing that can happen to a man.”  One could read this as merely the complaints of a spiritual man against the age of machines, but this is not the case, as Gurdjieff in no uncertain terms taught that the unenlightened and unawakened man is like an Automaton, not only one brought forth by living in the modern age of machines, but in general, as a de facto inherent condition of humanity per se (and only exacerbated by the current machine age)… !   Gurdjieff studied in the Orient and had access to most of the ancient secret mystic traditions, which are the same ones the Greeks had access to we must reckon; and when he speaks of “the unreal, and what is foreign” he is irrefutably adhering to the Gnostic view of an INTRUSION OF CREATION by false Counterfeit Demiurges, this is not the banal case of of an erudite in mysticism just engaging in entertaining intellectual talk of little weight.  Question is:  an Automaton is certainly driven by a BRAIN COMPUTER CENTER, so if Humanity was “hacked” so to speak, then the clues to this hacking, and the means to reverse it, are found precisely in that Brain computer.  Could this have been the real positive (but tossed out and prohibited) agenda behind those ancient mystic traditions…?  Such that organized religions were created to oppress this “recovering” agenda to deviate the masses from it presenting a childlike view of Creation and its aftermath (The Fall) in order to confuse & distract, ultimately to severely obfuscate the details and impede a RESTORE POINT RECOVERY of sorts…? Please read my brief “Restore Point Analogy” (see links below) article in my other older blog, in part touching this Gordian Knot styled issue:

Brain Amnesia

Brain Amnesia; is 3D Earth’s existence within the Matrix ESSENTIALLY DEFINED by Amnesia stemming from a Hijacked & Trojanized Brain bio computer, rendering humans totally unable to remember who they are, where they came from,and where they are going to…? Proceeding then to accept this most ludicrous state as “normal” or “natural”… as “the way things are”…

Now the Christmas tradition in Christianity has Jesus born in a manger, yet also other customs have him born in a CAVE used as a manger; this 2nd tradition has the real intended Greek/Egyptian/Hindu/Tibetan meaning, as the “Light” shines in the “Darkness” of the “Cave of Brahman” inside the Brain, where the Pineal & Pituitary are able to light up like a Christmas Tree  -the real meaning of the Xmas Tree-, but in a different supernal type of light able to bridge the gap between dimensions, and this is the real gap portrayed by the Michelangelo painting of the Creation of Adam.  The problem for modern Christian believers in organized religion, is that the LOGOS had a dramatically different meaning  -or at the very least a dramatic larger depth-   in the Schools of Mystery of the Greeks, specially in the Gnostic tradition where it was common knowledge how 2 diffferent Demiurges   -one Good & Real & aligned with the Divine, while another Rogue & Counterfeit & aligned with Evil-  produced different Creations, as the last false Demiurge infiltrated and corrupted the original plan of Creation of the 1at Demiurge, our present 3D reality As/Is a tragic case of such Trojan invasion of the Templates of Creation, which takeover feat was produced by a “MATRIX MERGING” of both Creations, ending up as a mismatching mixture of both Templates.    The Greeks and the Gnostics devoted considerable interest to the distinctions between NOUS & LOGOS and so forth, all intended to help one understand the PSYCHIC takeover of the rogue Demiurge, which “re-created” to his whim and desire a “new human” of a devolved kind and of decidedly Evil aspects and zombie tendencies.   Thus when using the original term “THE LOGOS” simply translated as “THE WORD” (John 1:1) without being aware of the full background and ramifications of this Gnostic wisdom, one is being robbed of the entire depth of the conundrum, and given a child-like monochromatic version of it.

Gospel of John 1-1, the Word in the original greek text is the LOGOS-

Gospel of John 1-1, the “Word” in the original greek text is the “LOGOS”   (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

Now the entire New Testament was written in Koine Greek  –a crucial fact too many Christians fully and so terribly ignore–;  this is important because it contains not only many key Greek esoteric concepts derived from the secret  (by initiation only)  Schools of Mystery related to the Library of Alexandria complex which collected ancient sources from Egypt, Sumer, India and China, but also and even less known so, actually the New Testament is full of GREEK GEMATRIA (for ex  dive into the above links by Daniel Gleason who has been solving its Gematria/Geometry riddles for a long time now).   Thus if any of this has some or the full truth to it, then it follows we have to pay ‘extreme’ close attention to all the terms, names, and key words involved in the “Biblical” narratives, as they encode Sub-texts/Under-texts/Meta-texts/Parallel-texts; but anyone who has been following my blogs will know that studying ancient languages is not the opening door here, since most of these ‘other’ texts embedded in the linear narrative scripts, actually come from the FUTURE of our evolution in Consciousness, intensifying and become clearer the closer to that future we stand, in this case we must always preferably use Universal Standard English Gematria / a=1, b=2, …, z=26, in order to be able to read into the Subconscious Matrix Scripts:

“DAVID” IS THE LEFT BRAIN  (The Moon Matrix  – Bipolar Earth/Moon)

“SOLOMON”  IS THE RIGHT BRAIN  (The Sun  – Uni-Modal/Fractal)

“David & Solomon”  =  143  =  “Patmos Island”

In other words, the Patmos Island code of Apoc/Rev is indeed about the 2 Left & Right Brain hemispheres,

(that’s why there are 2 words)  symbolized & encoded earlier on as “David & Solomon”, because they

concern THE HIJACKED TEMPLATE (symbolized as the Temple of Solomon) of the Brain computer

“D-a-V-i-D”  is the  “DVD”  virtual projection 

(the 3D Left Brain concerned with reproduction & genealogy)

“SOLO-omon”  is the SOL or SUN

(the return to the Uni-Modal away from the Bipolar)

Moon reflects light

Moon reflects light; this is the essential difference between the “SUN” and all the other Planets or Moons, that the SUN symbolizes the INNER LIGHT produced from WITHIN, as opposed to the 3D Counterfeit Matrix where all objects do not possess Inner Light and must by shone from the outside via some external means. Much of what is categorized as “Sun worship” in ancient times, was actually attempting a reconnection with the Inner Sun of the real creation as opposed to the Outer Sun of the 3D Counterfeit Matrix

This is for ex what the band YES intended when singing “Nous Sommes Du Soleil”:

“… We hear a sound and alter our returning
We drift the shadows and course our way back home
Flying home,  Going home…”

Plato's Allegory of the Cave was a GNOSTIC teaching

Plato’s Allegory of the Cave was a GNOSTIC wisdom; but after his teacher Socrates had to take the hemlock poison, Plato toe’d the line of the system to avoid a similar fate  –however his allegory is clear as to what he really stood for–

Let us clarify this essential symbolism of the Sun representing the uni-modal Template and the Source (defined as Light From Within) since so many people appear to be hopelessly confused about it; yes the physical 3D Sun produces light from within via an atomic or nuclear fision/fusion process, but stands as just a pale SYMBOL of the spiritual real Inner Light, since the Sun cannot replicate its shine in all the other objects, and these objects can only reflect its light on the outside.  However the spiritual real Inner Light does not work that way, in the real ORIGINAL CREATION every “object” or “being” IS ONE WITH THE INNER LIGHT, in the sense that the same Inner Light shines From-Within IN ALL objects & beings of that Creation at the same time, as they are all inter-connected from within and are Synchronic of one another.   What this means is that the “Fractality” in the Original Creation is much more potent, and not simply manifests as mathematical or linguistic or form repetitions of the same structure, but actually manifests as a RESONANT SYNCHRONIC UNISON OF THE THE SAME INNER LIGHT  -WHICH IS THE EXTERNAL ASPECT OF THE TRUTH-; the “communication” then is From-Within, and all dimensional aspects are thus “inwards” oriented, and not externally split-out like in the 3D Counterfeit Matrix always “SPINNING OFF” outwardly.  This is the Absolute Truth of the Original Creation that Plato was trying to convey, that we are stuck in a Counterfeit dimension where all “communication” and all “light” and all “truth” merely comes inwards via distant TUNNELS (vortexes) to act as Reflections on the outside of things &  beings but not in-sync with the Inner Light of the Spirit, which shines in 1 place and in All places Wityhin at the SAME TIME (ubiquitous, or omnipresent).  And as such these fading away vortexes and external conduits of the Spin-Off (the tunnels in the allegory) are easily interfered & tampered with, making a hijacking or a trojanized interdiction a very real scenario.

Cinerama triple projection booth as metaphor of the 3D Matrix projection

Cinerama triple projection booth as metaphor of the 3D Matrix projection, as proposed by Stanley Kubrick who was really going out of his way in trying to tell you something very but very crucial

This article in my other older blog takes an aching  peek at how ugly and absolutely PSYCHOTIC the situation is in our SUBCONSCIOUS, where all these false memes and black magic formulas as psychic mantras are rampantly used like dead totems parroted by lunatic asylum inmates; the Moon/Earth Matrix scripts are tossed around like spiritual spaghetti to enforce or reinforce this or that agenda of the day, provoking a state of certified dementia in the 3D Matrix realm we live in.   In this sense yes, indeed we are the Lunatic Asylum of the universe, as Voltaire used to say.  What happens is actually very simple to understand; the real “theomorphic” (connected to Source) beings trapped in the 3D Moon/Earth Matrix here are hounded and fought against perpetually by the vast majority of the other people, thus a permanent “Harassment” strategy is at play manifesting constantly in a myriad of absolutely psychotic memes, innuendos, puns, double or triple entendres, and so forth, as a form of PSYCHIC WARFARE operating in the Subconscious strata right under the radar of the Conscious mind, basically aimed at the original humans as I said.   These ever present and overwhelming ubiquitous memes take usually the shape of sheer idolatry, a multi-pronged barrage of fetichistic memes bouncing all over the place like the perpetual shouting of the furiously insane in a lunatic asylum. And this is the world we live in, right under the thin veneer of the Conscious facade.  These in turn are AMPLIFIED and DISTRIBUTED by serial REPETITION urbi-et-orbi by the technologies of Projection and further Counterfeit Reality (mainstream media) as director Stanley Kubrick warned us in several of his great films dedicated to make us aware of this Subconscious barrage of demonic memes; from these false projection screens in turn they enter our own internal false projection screens, the Trojanized bipolar Brain.

The Brain's reverse internal bio digital-electric projection screen process

The Brain’s reverse internal bio digital-electric projection screen process

Except that this process occurs in a Neuro-Linguistic manner that is a four-fold Projection, since LINGUISTICS also have to be factored in (akin to for ex the spoken language of the actors or the subtitles or the names of the famous actors in the films, the title, the movie script, the ads, etc) which adds a 4th Projective layer to the 3D Matrix illusion  (to the 3 booths of the Cinerama metaphor), the layer of BIO SOFTWARE informatics that is.  This is why the square based pyramid is the actual full projective structure, which matches the 4-letter Tetragrammaton, as the 4th layer in turn operates just like another dimensional projector or prism of projective quantum energy & splitter of light; our current cinematography is but child’s play compared with the real technologies of 3D Matrix projection interactive with the LEFT BRAIN in Real-Time, in order to conjure up this “reality” As/Is, a considerably more advanced technology than we can fathom, light years from us presently by comparison.  THIS IS THE 3D HOLOGRAPHIC PROJECTION OF THE “REALITY” AND THE “BODIES” WE EXPERIENCE.

*(please read this link, it is very important to this theme of the Tetragrammaton)*

Ben Ben capstone

“BEN BEN” STONE OF CREATION in Heliopolis, in my opinion a remnant of Atlantis former crystal technologies, and container of a holographic RAM interface which objective was to link to MARS;  this is why the tower & clock in London at the Parliament is called the “BIG BEN”

But this is also why the illuminati elites are waiting for the “Return of the Benu Bird” which is symbolically “NIBIRU”, and why the current Pope’s chosen name is “BENEDICT” (this is why BIDEN is catholic, they are all reinforcing fractally the code for Benu Bird, it’s all about the B’s now). Within the Rosicrucian secret circles this was somewhat known,  for ex the founder of the WatchTower (otherwise known as Jehova’s Witnesses)  Charles Taze Russell placed a similar pyramid in his grave at Rosemount Mount in Masonic Way at Pittsburgh, PA; Russell was a secret Rosicrucian, and he gave away the key of the Tetragrammaton as they understood it, with this grave signature monument.  Evidently the WatchTower is a most well known religion precisely dedicated to “Restoring the Original Name of God”  -the Tetragrammaton which they proceed to call and spell it “JHVH”- which they boastfully proclaim the only single “Name of God” while strongly denouncing all other names as fraudulent and demonic inspired.  But Charles, hey…  God doesn’t need a name, see…? But 2 legged humans do…  It’s another one big fraud, which aims at further conditioning the minds of humans to the same worn out script from Egypt, that this reality is actually the “Original  Creation” of the original God or of the 1st Original Demiurge, when it evidently it’s NOT but a counterfeit bio computer program running an interactive Hologram configured to the whim and desires of the rogue Demiurges.  In other words most of what passes off as religion is plainly sheer PROPAGANDA to validate the Counterfeit Creation of the Rogue Demiurge(s), engaging in a contrived series of dogmas and laws, rules and regulations, assessments of this 3D reality as fully real and derived from “God”  -because it is written in this or that sacred book is always the feeble proof-, and so many buy such.  Yet only 2 thousand years ago before their systematic genocide, the 2nd largest religion in our occidental civilization was what for lack of a better term we call the Gnostics or Gnosticism, which proposed a very different scenario as our true ordeal here.

Charles Taze Russell's grave pyramid

Charles Taze Russell’s grave pyramid  (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

Charles Taze Russell's grave pyramid - observe the 2 TABLETS

Charles Taze Russell’s grave pyramid – observe the 2 TABLETS   

Charles Taze Russell's grave pyramid - rosicrucian Crown & Cross detail

Charles Taze Russell’s grave pyramid – rosicrucian Cross in the Crown detail

His tomb is right next to the Grand Masonic Lodge of Pittsburgh, seemingly the oldest one in the nation; the name of the cemetery -Rosemount- is a pun of the ROSELINES of Europe, which traveled along certain esoteric Meridians, expanding the Grid of Ley Lines which carried certain energies off of the Earth  -a nearly dead extant leftover from the famous Atlantis Crystal Grid Lines, and from the Great Pyramid at Giza in Egypt which used to be the Prime Meridian (which is now Greenwich-England of course, because see, the BEN BEN Stone or BIG BEN London have to “set the time” for the entire world, that is the deal).  This is why for ex the Jehova’s Witnesses proceed to basically rewrite all their religious celebrations at odds with everybody else in the dates, as they are utilizing the same exact principle to  “set the time” of the entire world acc to their own layout (well, to be fair every religion basically has done exactly the same thing, nothing new here).

Ben Ben Stone of Creation

Ben Ben Stone of Creation at Heliopolis Egypt; notice the LINEAR HORIZONTAL SCRIPTS

What this linear horizontal scripts suggest, is evidently a CIRCULAR MOTION of this stone, in the sense that the external glyphs engraved in the stone seem to compel you to do, is to rotate it fast seeking to “open it up” into a HOLOGRAPHIC COMPUTER CODE only activated at a certain speed of rotation and perhaps at a CERTAIN PLACE ONLY…! A unique place in the Roselines or Leylines or in the Atlantis former Crystal Earth Girds would be able to unlock the holographic program embedded inside the stone as a storage RAM device of sorts.  In my opinion this is what the Charles Taze Russell rosicrucian symbol means, that you have to 1st come to an exact spot on the Grid (the CROSS) and then rotate the pyramid stone at a certain speed at that precise spot (the CROWN), thus opening up the contained Hologram (symbolized by the outer olive branches crown).   The “Cross” as the pinpointing geographical marker, the “Crown” as the rotating dial sop to speak; look at the symbol again, and you’ll catch my drift.  But it seems to me that this “olive branches” outer crown symbol as also prevalent for ex in the UN logo, coveys the secret meaning of accessing & activating some lost long ago switched off Crystal Grid in a world wide scale:

United Nations logo

United Nations logo, centered at the North Pole

CHI-RHO (or XP) Sign of Constantine, also called the Labarum

CHI-RHO (or XP) Sign of Constantine, also called the Labarum

So what we would have here, is different groups all vying to “possess” the secret codes, passwords, instructions, to unlock the ancient Atlantean Grid technology, reactivating it to some workable degree, via reverse engineering of its methods. To access the pyramids holographic computing RAM:  “tetrag-RAM-maton”.



The 4 ELEMENTS stones from the film - The 5th Element

The 4 ELEMENTS stones from the film – The 5th Element  (disregard the caption GA2011 as it is irrelevant)

I did not get this notion from watching the sci-film film “The 5th Element” with Milla Jovovich and Bruce Willis, but I think this helps to illustrate the procedure although in a different manner; we have a being from a higher divine plane coming to Earth to save the planet from impending doom in the form of an attack, and at the end the crew must unlock the passwords which OPEN UP THE 4 STONES (in this case ther film makes the passwords be the names of the 4 Elements, which proceed to “arm” the saving device), yet another layer of encryption is required to be decoded, as the being portrayed by Milla Jovovich needs to be told “I LIVE YOU” in order to activae her in turn, as she is the one that can trigger the armed saving device.  What is relevant to this series of articles, is the notion of Triangular Stones needed to be “opened up”  -clearly suggesting the pyramids- plus the notion of twice a 4-letter Password, clearly suggesting the Tetragrammaton  (the names of the 4 Elements, plus the 4 letter word “LOVE”).  It seems as if the 3D Moon/Earth Matrix via films like this is seeking to SCAN (another 4 letter word) the subconscious minds of humans watching the movie, in order to steal any extant memory trace of the real procedures I have suggested here concerning the Ben Ben stone or its similar; this strongly indicates the fact that there are indeed things that the 3D Moon/Earth matrix is definitely NOT aware of and is in search of  -fearing its imminent end…?-.

4 letter (Square) thread words:



5 letter (pentagonal) thread words:



At first glance all this I am extrapolating seems a bit or quite farfetched, yet if you care for ex to just look at the Gospel narrative of the Crucifixion with objective eyes, you will see that this penchant for hiding something really very but very big consisting of 4 LETTERS AND 2 OF WHICH REPEAT, was placed on top of the Cross and above “Jesus” head nonetheless, what a prominent best spot to hide something in plain sight as the motto goes:

INRI sign

INRI sign

4-letter Cross Tetragrammaton:  “INRI”

INRI  =  “NIRI”  ~~~  same formula as:  “YHVH”

But also very ostensibly “INRI” is a code for 23 other crucially symbolic things:

“NIRI”   is a pun of:   “NIBIRU

“NIRI”   is a pun of:  NI-le RI-ver”

In other words what the “INRI” sign is quite in your face saying to you, is that the real location of the Cross is NOT at Mount Calvary in Jerusalem… BUT AT THE EGYPT PYRAMIDS OF GIZA…!  And this is also in your face reaffirmed by setting the Crucifixion as Jesus flanked by 2 thieves, making up for 3 CROSSES, self evidently a ref to the 3 PYRAMIDS OF GIZA…!

3 Crosses, 3 Kings, 3 Pyramids, 3 Carabelas

3 Crosses, 3 Kings, 3 Pyramids, 3 Stars in Orions Belt , 3 Carabelas of Columbus  (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

The Triangle marks location, but seen from above (the sky) the pyramids are a Square composed of 4 Triangles; in order to reach the 4D new location  -the “opening up” of the Hologram-, you need to dissolve the image of the Triangles and rotate them, to then proceed choosing  at each dissolving Triangle the 4 letters of the Tetragrammaton password, that is the suggestion that comes to my mind when I contemplate all this encoding.  Of course you cannot rotate the Great Pyramid of Giza… but you might be able to easily rotate the PYRAMID’S CAPSTONE, now couldn’t you…?  What other possible role could the capstone have, that to be much lighter and less anchored so that it can… be rotated.  YET ANOTHER LAYER OF PROTECTION MIGHT HAVE BEEN BUILT INTO THE HOLOGRAPHIC DEVICE, THAT BESIDES BEING AT THE RIGHT SPOT ON TOP OF THE RIGHT PYRAMID MONUMENT, THE BEN-BEN SMALL STONE PYRAMID (OR A SIMILAR, perhaps the Ben ben is a maquette or model of such) MIGHT ALSO HAVE TO BE ROTATED AT THE … EXACT MOMENT IN LINEAR TIME.  Therefore possessing the password and the location would render it useless, but knowing the exact moment in time (the exact date) would ultimately activate the holographic device, which would link up to a similar pyramid in Mars where the advanced holographic information is stored.  Which Mars that is, the 3D Mars or another parallel Mars…?  Is the device actually a link to several other Timelines where sensitive information was stored and secured…?




-Because the science & knowledge in the RAM holographic device would confer them unlimited power?-

Therefore as I have been proposing for years now, within this 3D Moon/Earth matrix, there are 2 opposing forces composed of several camps and factions, all working along the many generations to “get prepared” for an eventual grab of the device(s); they set their proper public power figures in each generation they view as “possible”, utilizing in each case one of or the most powerful country in the world to attain this strategic “positioning”; at the current moment the USA is the most powerful nation, so the codes seem to be fractally coalescing or precipitating more & more intensely unto their power figures, as the VORTEX OF TIME NEARS ITS 3D END.  Since this ancient Atlantean Demiurgic technology was scattered in pieces and fragments all over the globe, their retrieval was the Hidden Agenda behind all the wars of conquest and colonization of distant continents, specially so in the case of America in the 1500’s and on, as it was suspected crucial fragments had been stashed here. This was for ex the hidden hand behind the Knights Templar, who were basically Locating/Collecting/Retrieving/Storing whatever extant Atlantean Demiurgic technology and knowledge they could find; the same can be said of the Nazis, who quite openly conducted such search in a desire to reverse engineer them as quickly as possible.  The elites created Communism and the Soviet Union, as a place where you could not freely walk into, in that way having several decades to establish reverse engineering centers very far away from prying eyes; there was never any real conflict with the Soviet Union, it was all a carefully crafted facade for the lower levels of politicians and the public, as the elite worked in secret unison in all places and across all “walls” all the same. I am not saying there was absolutely no conflict because clearly there was, but it was not part of the elite’s game, only a show for the lower levels, as so many people in the know have already exposed; the same exact elites which created Fascism created Communism, and they always invariably hold both sides of the frying pan of ideologies and systems, manipulating all extremes simultaneously.  It works exactly the same with religious denominations, if they wanted to hide something they were researching in this respect in one religion, they simply created another “denomination” and so on and so forth, under the principle of compartmentalized chambers.



  1. very impressive article. I am showing it all to others. thanks.

  2. Ogle said

    This is a perfect example of the of the governments involvement of psychedelic testing of our young. After the tests are noted and forgotten the subjects are left to wander the earth looking for a meaning, a way to rationalize the dementia they experience caused from the damage to the brain.

  3. Dennis Kien said

    Astounding. Why are there only three comments on such important issues as these?

  4. Innie said

    try reading “The Source Field Investigations” by David Wilcock

    The veil (evil, live) is lifting

  5. Petros said

    Confusion…begets confusion. You have a lot of truth, but you are playing on the masonic/Illuminati wrestling mat. They lie, their entire philosophy is based on lies and confusion. Egypt was born out of the Babylonian pagan worship system of Nimrod, Tammuz and Semiramis. It also has EVERYTHING to do with worship of the solar system…as you are aware. This is the pagan worship of old puts up two false paradigms of good vs evil.

    BOTH ARE EVIL. Set vs Osiris was actually the same exact story of an older story that goes back to Biblical times in which, Shem Noah’s son, kills Nimrod then Semiramis puts the dead body together/grabbed the penis of Nimrod and impregnated herself giving birth to Tammuz) and this story has been passed down over the ages from empire to empire. The entire story started during the time of the Biblical tower of Babel and is nothing more than confusion. This confusion is nothing more than mans/demonically inspired, messed up attempt to give glory to something other than the Most High G-d! Funny how the penis Semiramis took became a “holy symbol.” (obelisk that was present all over ancient Egypt, the land of BONDAGE. (BONDAGE OF THE HEBREWS) (Exodus 20:2) Please not that this is also the same image as the Biblical “HIGH PLACE” and Asherah poles! (Which of course the Hebrew God specifically commanded his people to DESTROY! ((Asherah = Isis) well.) ; )

    Did I mention this symbol is located at the Vatican and also at Washington D.C.! Many, many places and people are confused…. : (


    BABEL IS not an Arabic word; it’s Hebrew, specifically, the Hebrew way of rendering the name we call “Babylon” . It is found repeatedly in the Old Testament, though oddly ONLY in the story of the “tower of Babel [Babylon]” do translations render it as “Babel”.

    One way to pronounce it is simply like “Babylon” with the ending dropped, that is, so that it sound just like the English word “babble”. That has always seemed quite appropriate, since the Hebrew writer makes fun of the name and its meaning. Babylonians said the name of their city (Bab-ilu) meant “gate of god”. This story in Genesis is full of wordplays, and the last of them plays “babel” off against Hebrew “balal” meaning “to confuse” to tell of how their languages were confused there (and probably to show that the religious system at this time was the birth place of religious confusion!

    Hebrew studies

    Bottom line, the Hebrew G-d formed us…all of us. He is invisible, but yet his presence can be visible and He did come down in a visible form…that form was Jesus of Nazareth. He also gave His life for us and if we are baptized in his name (Jesus) (READ ACTS 2:38) …NOT TRIUNE NAME…IT’S CONFUSION…sprung out of the Babylonian Eternal mother worshiping false church! (ACTS 4:12) ONLY ONE NAME SAVES US. Not three…anyway those are titles/manifestations. Speaking in tongues is evidence of Gods presence/spirit in you. (Gift of the Holy Ghost…Acts 2:38) THIS IS THE DIVINE MYSTERY OF THE AGES. JESUS NAME is the REVEALED name of the ONE G-D! He is BOTH FATHER AND SON. First and the last!

    If you want the confusion cleared up you can read this, I believe few will actually read all of this and many will not give it the time of day…

    May the God and Savior Jesus bless you.

    • Chris Hohn said
      I don’t think you actually understand what I write about. Here for ex my last article (from before your comment) precisely exposing the dual simultaneous Good/Evil agenda. In it I give the true meaning of the esoteric underlying “theology”, which is DEFINITELY NOT just a play on planetary or stellar bodies at all (this is merely one highly limited aspect), but of an Alchemical nature. The Archons as physical extensions of the Demiurge(s), deal with the Creation/Destruction/Transformation of MATTER and thus that is made of matter including all living material beings. ALL THESE “ALCHEMICAL TRANSMUTATIONS” have a meta-physical component or correlation, which is found in LANGUAGE of a higher kind -in this blog for generic purposes simply termed “Gematria” (but it can be called other names and beyond the traditional confines of historic Gematria)-, which is the REAL ROOT of the “pyhsical manifestations”, in other words HIGHER LANGUAGE OF SYNCHRONIC NATURE PRECEDES AND ORIGINATES THE PHYSICAL MANIFESTATIONS AND EVENTS, BUT IT DOES SO WITHIN THE SUBCONSCIOUS REALM AS A PORTAL TO HIGHER DIMENSIONS. This “portal” was hijacked and tampefred with a very long time ago, in fact there have been many hijackings, a series of, and this is what is labeled as the “Original Fall” as a hijacking of the Original Template of Manifestation. The false Demiurge(s) took the place of the original divinity -what we cal the true God-, and everything else followed this descent into madness and manipulation. Meaning all physical “Creation” is now an ALTER, a sort of Ghost-matrix or Dark-Matrix (serie4s or parallel Matrixes) in respect to the Original Creation which most definitely did not involve the present mode of physicality as in 3D -this a direct creation and manipulation on the part of the Demiurge(s)-. All physicality, all history, all languages, all religions, all of this, ever since, is part of a semi virtual false and COUNTERFEIT REALITY; the purpose of true spirituality has been ever since, to awaken humans to this fact, and expose the underpinnings and mechanisms of such, ir order to achieve a consistent and less traumatic “way out” and back into the True Nature of Reality, which is not found anywhere near “this here” or in the present human manifestation. As to the linguistic notes, the essential fact to gather is that EGYPTIAN HIEROGLYPHIC SCRIPT GOT AT SOME POINT “TRANSLATED” INTO OUR CURRENT ALPHABETIC LANGUAGES VIA AT THE VERY LEAST 2 MAJOR SCRIPTS WHICH ARE THE “HEBREW SCRIPT” AND THE “GREEK SCRIPT”, OUT OF WHICH THE LATER “Hebrew” language and the “Greek” language came forth. Ignoring this is like not being aware of an elephant in the room; no doubt there were other scripts out of the Egyptian, like the Arabic, etc. This real background to our present languages and Monotheistic religions is what differentiates someone who knows this stuff or just does not; Akhenaten in Egypt is the real historical antecedent originator of Monotheism. This myth that there is a totally “separate” source
      uncontaminated and pure away form these origins, is sheer delusion. Mesopotamia, Sumeria, Egypt, and from then on, all of this staring away before in ATLANTIS & LEMURIA, and way before in MARS and now extinct planet MALDEK, and way before that in places like ORION (Betelgeuse ~ Bethel) etc, is one continued line, not separate compartments. We are not here to just “believe” (Be Lie Eve), but to BE, specially not to fall for the contrived belief systems of the Demiurge(s). They contain Good, as they must due to their dual Good/Evil simultaneous nature, but they also contain Evil in them. Understanding this is what is called Growing Up.

  6. Petros said

    Interesting rebuttal…I do agree that the world is a matrix and you did make some other valid points. I do agree that true worship and the idea of the true God has been stolen/hijacked by way of deception/illusion. (The prophet Isaiah directly speaks about this and how and why it is that way.)The truth is not completely lost though. I don’t agree with your last point…I understand that Atlantis and Sumeria may predate the Bible..but to me that is void. If you read the Bible you know that Abram was the son of a Sumerian priest. I know the Sumerian story of creation is very similar to the Biblical account, the question is, which one is right? I’m siding with the Bible…everything from the tetragramiton to the words of Jesus spoke, to the idea of imperfection (sin), death, love, to things like the nephlim, earth being round, and prophecies like the mark that someday no man may buy or sell unless they have it. The story is being set up right now, and you can find whats going on in Psalms 110:1. Very soon…everything is about to change, nothing but a vain footstool is being created for Messiah to reveal Himself…that is when the severe birthing pains are over.

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