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  1. Fatma Aren said

    Greetings, I am fascinated by your article “Delinking from counterfeit” in which an older article is mentioned. I would like to read it also if it is still on the web. I’ll br grateful if you can give a clue. Fatma Aren

    • Chris Hohn said
      It was this article above, from my other older blog (I listed the link), if not this one, let me know.
      This article might be helpful as well. The general guiding notion is always as the previous blog stated on the header:
      ” An exploration into alternate modes of thinking and awareness, strictly from a psychic/intellectual perspective,
      all topics simple and complex applicable, under the motto: ” ‘Normal’ Consciousness is a Disease caused by devolution ”
      This not a conspiracy blog, this is STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS blog dedicated to bringing to the smaller Conscious devolved mind
      what is in the much larger Subconscious. Essential to this is the reckoning that the way things are here in this 3D reality,
      is most definitely NOT the way things really are, it’s not just a projection of illusory nature, but a hijacked one marked by
      intense pathologies. Thus “Counterfeit” best describes the state of our reality and the adhoc Consciousness it operates in.

  2. Darren said

    Hi Chris! Great work you do my friend! I have requested that Henrik Palmgren of contact you for an interview to help get your message out to interested people. His email is I would have given him yours but it is confidential. You might enjoy Grayham Forscutt’s work here:
    and here:

  3. Shamb Hala said

    I had an important revelation today. It’s the code to triple-helix DNA (of the gods?)
    I was playing with my cat and thinking about the statues of cats in egypt
    (the faces of pharaoes were carved later) and gods (DOG is GOD backwards) and then it suddenly hit me.
    It’s ACTGOD.The D probably stands for dihydrouridine.
    What’s the O?

  4. Hi, Chris. Mind-blowing site and intel! Thank you. I see we have many (!) interests in common, and I’d like to explore those as soon as possible. My blog is here: My email is –Dean

  5. Special K said

    Love the Bryan Kemila stuff because I can SEE all of it and I’m detached from things of this world and I’m no longer in egoic character role. The Lucy Force targets my finances though and I’ve been homeless many times. If you’re interested in communicating my email is: – Cheers

  6. Pat said

    I was just wondering your opinion on nubiru/planet x

  7. Jonny said

    Hey, I want to know if you believe that Saturn is controlling this matrix or it’s an alien hub planet. This year I have figured out through mythological and gnostic analysis that we live in a program controlled by the Moon, Sun, and Saturn. This can be shown in the forms of IHS, IAO, Jahbulon, Jehovah, A&E logo, State Farm logo (what do you think that also tells you?) and, many others I can’t think of at the moment. For example, in Gnosticism Jesus is called Autogenes and the sun is ALWAYS in the middle. He is the sun in Revelations and in the State Farm logo “Auto” is in the middle. Thank you, please reply soon!

  8. Michael said

    Hi, I was wondering if you or anyone you knew had read or heard about this new ebook on Amazon entitled The Provocateur. Its by some new author (fairly certain its self-pubbed) anyways, in it he talks about the inescapability of “the cycle.” ITs a fictional book but a lot of the stuff in it is stuff that seems to be real. Like, only a few of my friends and I have read it and one of the things that stuck out to us was the simplicity of the redhead phenomenon which I started noticing everywhere after reading it. Basically it said that you (your kids especially) will see a lot more redheads because they have tried to make redheads the vision of sex appeal. Then there was the healthy food craze, which I thought was innocent and was not what the government wanted but this book said that it is what they want. the book just had a lot of info in it that was kinda new and somewhat contrary to what I’ve been reading, but seemed accurate and I just wanted to know your take on it. I think the authors name was Michael Stephenson (I actually only read it because I have the same name which I always find to be kinda funny). Anyways, cheers!

  9. Kris said

    Hi Chris, check out this website: “The Complete Truth about the Draconians and Moon (PART 1)”
    There’s much more on that site, be sure to read it if you can.

  10. (Another) Michael said

    Hey Chris, how’s it going? Are you working on any new stuff? If you are do you have any idea when you will be posting it? Just wondering because I enjoy work very much.


    A Fellow Theomorph

  11. ALF said

    Are you still kickin’, Chris?

  12. Naomi said

    Hi, what I’d really like to know is, how do we escape the matrix? If that was in one of your posts, sorry I missed it. It seems like we are coming to the end, ISIS is overrunning the middle east winding up to WW3. Also, if you hadn’t noticed, NASA has recently announced that they’re sending a rocket named OSIRIS-REx to a supposed meteor named Bennu (which is the egyptian flaming bird which crosses the sky and marks the re-birth of Osiris, and seems to be the equivelent of the sumarian Nibiru) in 2016. Plus they’ve put out an invitation to anyone who wants to put their name on a list to be sent with the rocket. But the wording is specifically “Travel to Bennu on the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft”. So my instincts tell me this is not something one wants to sign up for, because nothing the supposed Gods have ever done for us has been for our benefit. So I’m wondering, do you see this as a chance to escape the matrix, or is that a trap to collect some to put back into the next revamped edition of the matrix? Also, I’m supposed to move to the the west coast of the USA in Jan, which I’m also thinking is not the best idea. So I’d really appreciate an email from you please. Thanks.

  13. re 322
    reverse Hebrew Gemetria spells it as שכב google translates as “lying”
    I use to do the reverse Hebrew Gemetria. Shin is 300; Caf is 20; Bet is 2.
    given your perspective and previous work, I thought you might like this. 🙂
    Blessings from Aloha, Oregon

  14. alf said

    hope we see more from you soon

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