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Posted by Chris Hohn on March 31, 2012



Mesha Stele at the Louvre (dated 840 BC)

Mesha Stele at the Louvre (dated 840 BC); perhaps the earliest known use of the Tetragrammaton. I have no doubt this Cipher-Password comes from considerably earlier eras, from the Atlantis "Krystos Grids"

If after reading the previous posts in this blog you have not yet gathered that in very ancient times and way before officially accepted history, much more advanced civilizations existed which utilized the etheric Frequency-Modulated crystal (Krystos) Grids to power and serve as medium of shareable transmission of a type of Organic Living Internet which ultimately not only changed things “on the screen” so to speak but altered the surrounding “reality” itself, then you have not been really reading at all.  This is in no small part what the expression Demiurgic Technology means; our present Timeline’s information age technology is but a minor copycat attempt only operating at an inorganic level, a tiny partial subset of a much more powerful multi-dimensional science of SYNCHRONIC CONVERGENCE incorporating a superior form of Language in its software, a linguistic Fractal Resonance tool that is presently unfathomable to most people, but which for ex those attuned to Gematria and so forth, are keenly aware of.

Tetragrammaton related Masoretic vowel points

Tetragrammaton related Masoretic vowel points


In our present semi-medieval religious dominated mindset, the childish explanations we are given for the case above of the so called Tetragrammaton, mostly verge on the laughable; for ex we have the Watchtower Society (otherwise known as Jehova’s Witnesses) indoctrinating its believers on the fable that this is the “true name of God” in the “original Bible”.  But, was it really the name of God or rather the multiform CIPHER ENCRYPTED PROTECTED PASSWORD TO ACCESS AN INTRANET THAT SURVIVED THE FALL (SHUT-OFF) OF THE ATLANTIS GRIDS, and could be still operated in a very limited manner…?  First of all and irrefutably so, the Tetragrammaton cipher password was related to the Pyramids, and this can be easily seen when just looking at its original taught template within the Pythagorean school of ancient Greece (Pythagoras / born 570 BC, died 495 BC), which sought to educate on the triangular “LAMBDOMA” as origin of all science of proportions and Form Manifestation (also evident origin of the symbolic term “The Lamb” as applied to ‘Jesus’ in the Gospels, since ‘Jesus’ is proposed to be the LOGOS COMPUTING DEMIURG, thus the “lamb” or Lambdoma is the template configuration in the Creation process).

tetragrammaton pyramid

Now it is well known that Pythagoras was a superhuman (‘godly’) figure secretly rumored to be able to travel in Space/Time, taught by Hermes and sent to 3D Earth to help mankind; in other words Pythagoras is the real link between ancient Egypt of the Pyramids as leftover of Atlantis and the following devolved surviving civilizations in our occidental world, as far as knowledge concerns. This is why for ex within Masonic circles Pythagoras is regarded as an archetype of ‘Jesus’ within the “LOGOS & NOUS” secret knowledge; the utter caricature that this distinction has been turned into by the current academic establishment is a testament  to the interdiction of all science and knowledge of crucial matters in our current civilization. I suggest you rather start thinking of the NOUS as akin to your Personal Computer and of the LOGOS as akin to the Worldwide Internet, to better grasp what they were trying to convey when using these terms. Merely speaking along the lines of vague notions of “mind” or “reason” is directly obfuscating the true meaning and precision of the distinction; what matters is that your “Psychic Mind” as an individual is both totally different to the “Body Computer” and its sensory apparatus, as well as the universal Organic Internet Etheric Servers which only your “Psychic Mind” can access and be a part of, but not your “Body Computer”  -i.e. the Brain-.   The way we currently adjectivize “EGO” is intended to mean the attachment of this rogue program to the Brain as “Body Computer” demigod, thus inverting the order of precedence and control from the bottom up, for all practical means turning humans into zombie prisoners of their bodily-bound Ego as the lowest order mind computer, while disconnecting humans from their medium level “Psychic Mind” (the NOUS) which can indeed link to and interact with the higher etheric universal mind of the cosmic Organic Internet (the LOGOS), as this much higher level runs the programs of Creation & Manifestation within a Multi-Dimensional (Demiurgic) platform.  What we call the single highest God, is considerably higher than all of this, and this is the pertinent issue which religions have “flattened out” to the thin layer of a pancake version of the multi-dimensional realities, in which humans are immediately near the highest God with very few intermediate layers of Creation & Manifestation in between, the equivalent of what Flat-Earthers did in respect to astronomy, in regards to the conceptual apprehension of the Multiverse  -when of course the opposite is true, that 3D humans are at near the bottom within a very thin frequency layer, and from there on up lies a vast Multiverse of intricate layers of frequency all the way to the very but very far top where we would place God-.

Pythagorean creation of the Musical Scale and Harmonics through his LAMBDOMA

Pythagorean creation of the Musical Scale and Harmonics through his LAMBDOMA


Nbg-Lambdoma_braun 05 WEBTherefore the original concept of the Trinity was never a religious notion but rather a “synchronic-geometric” Multi-Dimensional construct to help humans navigate through the laws governing the processes of CREATION & MANIFESTATION, as derived of the knowledge inherent to the Lambdoma and the Triangular / Pyramidal Convergence of Resonance within the Multiverse; and this is the exact reason for ex the Masons have always called God the Great Architect, simply because in their secret lodges they have hoarded the ancient “mystery” knowledge concerning these things. These elite pirates of wisdom have always known that while there is a Geometry to Creation via frequencies & harmonies/harmonics, at the same time there is a SOFTWARE aspect to it, embodied for ex in the so called “Kabbalah”. What this means is that the language of the Logos software of Creation & Manifestation, is also imbued of the properties of Synchronic Convergence & Resonance, unlike our daily use of language in a strictly utilitarian created mode which is merely linear & aggregative while most often randomly configured; yet within this apparent random language, a higher set of distractedly called “Kabbalistic” cues and fractals organize a subset of Higher Synchronic Language somewhat or partially resonating to the Nous & Logos of Demiurgic Creation, whereby those attuned to this subset can ‘read’ a much different higher Reality-Behind-Reality simply by focusing the higher mind on the very language in itself (as in the practice of Gematria, etc).  However yet another aspect of language as ENCRYPTION & PASSWORD to access the Demiurgic tools of Living Internet computing, is also relevant although distinct from the previously described aspect, and this is where the Tetragrammaton precisely fits in within the larger scheme of things.

Cosmic Tetractys of 153 dots

It’s easy to see that when the Tetyractys is composed of 153 dots, then the resulting internal figures consist of 10 Upwards Triangles and 6 Downwards Triangles; this is my opinion is the origin of the “10 Commandments”, as this specific Tetractys had enormous importance.  The geometrical schematic probably came about after careful analysis on the construction of the Pentagram and the Hexagram,  both of which in turn result from the construction of the Vesica Pisces, which is defined in numbers as the ratio between 265 & 153, thus 153 is the key to the Portal between Pentagram & Hexagram:



153 is a triangular number, and below you are able to notice how the last 10 numbers in its Tetractys go from 144 to 153;  the sum of the first five factorials yields:  [ 1!+2!+3!+4!+5! = 153 ] also reaffirming the pentagramic structure.  The last 13 numbers add up to:  [141+142+143+144+145+146+147+1q48+149+150+151+152+153  =  1911 ].  Since 153 is the 17th triangular number, when multiplying both:  [ 153 x 17 = 2601 ], and the English alphabet consists of 26 letters, while in Standard Universal English Gematria (a=1, b=2, …, z=26):  [ GOD = 26 ].

Vesica Pisces and Star of David

Vesica Pisces and Star of David

Pentagram and the Vesica Pisces

Pentagram and the Vesica Pisces

Pentagram, Hexagram and the Vesica Pisces

Pentagram, Hexagram and the Vesica Pisces; the common AB side between Pentagram & Hexagram is indeed the earlier shown "153" (segment BD in the Vesica Pisces Ratio figure) proportional segment. We will see in Part 2 & Part 3 ahead, that the name for the "Mary Magdalen" figure in the Gospels narrative, carefully encodes "153" in Greek Gematria, symbolizing the female Vulva in esoteric (higher dimensional) terms or the Sacred Fish in exoteric (3D) terms, also encoded as ICHTUS

Thus it is self-evident that the Vesica Pisces as the interlocking/underlying structure between the Pentagram and the Hexagram (Star of David) was regarded as the basic template of the DEMIURGIC SCIENCE OF CREATION & MANIFESTATION, and its associated symbols and numbers were given a “religious” significance in order to preserve this deep secret of higher wisdom, through the following ages in the DESCENT OF MANKIND, or devolution downwards into the Age of Material Darkness which is reaching its apex point now.

Vesica Pisces as conjunction area between 2 circular waves

Vesica Pisces as conjunction area between 2 circular waves forms a Sonic Interference Pattern, basis for a Double Helix Grid of resonance & shape

The numbers 1 / 5 / 3 that form 153, are also triangular numbers, and this is why when we add their cubes, one returns to 153 again:  [ (1x1x1)+(5x5x5)+(3x3x3) = 153 ].  A fractal echo of this interference is found for ex in the Transit of Venus across the Sun when seen form the Earth, which periodical occurrence forms a Pentagram in Venus orbit:

Venus Pentagram formed by each Venus Transit over the Sun as seen from Earth

Venus Pentagram formed by each Venus Transit over the Sun as seen from Earth

In other words every manifestation is intrinsically or inherently linked to all other manifestations through the essential templates of formation, or through the EVENTS in Space/Time that mark relevant happenings, all part of the same fractality; what this implies is the notion of a DEMIURG COMPUTER PROGRAM underlying all manifestations, operating via Holographic Fractals, then geometries, numbers, letters, words, names, events, etc, become all part of the same exact program or software, but express a different linear projection of them. If there was no underlying Morphogenetic Field through which the Living Software (Logos & Nous) could lock into pattern, there would be no “reality” as such in the Multiverses.  Now if you quickly go backwards in the figures presented here, then at the end you’ll see the “YHWH” within the Tetractys as an “opening” Password which is encrypted and cipher encoded for protection. This explains the otherwise absurd “religious” prescriptions for not uttering that “name” aloud, the substitutions of it via adding the vowels and so forth, for the alter “names” Adonia, Elohim, Lord, etc etc etc; evidently these were all mere cover stories to preserve the secrecy surrounding the encryption of the Password procedure.  So while it was allowed to write the Tetragrammaton “YHWH” (or “IHVH”), it was not allowed to vocalize it, as only the High Priest on the Day of Atonement (TONE, frequency) could utter it in full voice.  And few people know that the origin of the term “YAHOO” is one of the possible loud vocalization of the “YHWH” Tetragrammaton, because it used to be an anecdotal urban legend amongst computer geeks.

symbol of Tetragrammaton within the Pentagram

symbol of the Tetragrammaton within the Pentagram

And all the different people that throughout history have been privy to these other higher sciences, in turn proceeded to encode in their own devised names for places and such, the same formulas, such as for ex the famous GRAND TETON mountains in Wyoming are formed by GRAM / TE / TON within the above figure, or as for ex the 5 letter name for T/E/X/A/S is also depicted as within the same Tetragrammaton pentagram, or as for ex the new monotheistic God of Pharaoh Amenophis IV better known as Akhenaten/Akhenaton (the God “ATON” or “ATEN”) is also found in MA / TON, etc etc etc. Therefore the science of Formation is the same as the science of SOUND and number,  as the light of the orb ATON is the same as the sonic TONE but just in another manifestation.




FOR SOMETHING ELSE ALTOGETHER    (since when another name is needed to denote a name…!?)

Pict - Celt tuning fork megalith (Bronze Age)

Pict - Celt tuning fork megalith (Bronze Age) -and hammer to strike the tuning fork like a bell-

In my opinion, what it was all about, was an attempt to preserve for millennia the secret password and code-map for the now deactivated but active in the very ancient past organic internet as interactive with the Pineal Gland and the Pituitary Gland; this type of far more advanced multi-dimensional Living Information Field worked its way through the different MORPHO-GENETIC FIELDS, finding the appropriate organic antennae and receivers, as in the case of the Pineal gland which acted as a Resonator (Receiver / Transmitter in the 3D body).  We can better visualize this advanced organic internet as akin to the tuning fork vibrating to specific resonance, the difference being that a metal inorganic tuning fork only resonates to a prefixed single frequency of resonance, whereas the Pineal Gland & Pituitary resonate to varying different frequency resonances, as they are multi-dimensional organs that can “MODULATE” several inputs and procee3d to “ATTUNE” to them -in the original way these glands worked in the ancient past before Devolution kicked in-.

OSIRIS pine cone shaped Pineal Gland

OSIRIS pine cone shaped Pineal Gland at the top of the dual helix Kundalini energy coils traversing up the spine

Pine Cone double-helix Vortex inducing structure

Pine Cone double-helix Vortex inducing structure, as multi-dimensional organic wormholing; THIS IS THE HIDDEN REASON WHY THE PINE TREE IS AN INTEGRAL PART OF "CHRISTMAS" (i.e. Birth of the Light), because it represents the PINEAL GLAND lighting up into higher-dimensions from inside the skull cave at the center of the Brain

pine cone shaped Pineal Gland at the Vatican

pine cone shaped Pineal Gland statue at the Vatican; the above dome symbolizes the skull cave inside the Brain, while the 2 flanking birds symbolize the Reptilian to Avian morphing of the Kundalini's DNA bio-port of resonant frequency transmission

Masonic G secretly meaning Gland as kundalini G-spot

Masonic G secretly meaning Gland as kundalini G-spot

Now this is where we are forced to use a Gematria like higher synchronic system of understanding Language in order to quickly get out of the linear logic analytical thinking, and wade through the compartmentalized mental moat (water pit surrounding a castle) so to speak;  we instantly begin to see the multiform correspondences in the Subconscious Mind, between apparently distant themes in the Conscious Mind  -such as Patmos Island, Atlantis, the Tetragrammaton, genetic science, etc-:

“GLAND”   ~~~   “ISLAND”


“(St) “PAUL”   ~~~   “PINEAL”

(St) PETER”   ~~~   “PITUITARY”

“POPE”   ~~~   “POLE”  (PAUL)

The Cathedral represents the Skull, and the “KEYS TO THE KINGDOM” held by “St Peter” (or currently the “POPE”) at the Vatican represent the power to shut-off or reactivate the Pineal & Pituitary Glands as organic multi-dimensional fractals of the Earth Axis North & South Magnetic Poles.  The general idea being, that at the moment of the GALACTIC CROSS, then this perfect fractalization between inner & outer resonates to its fullest, opening the Vortex portal of the human DNA and energizing the Kundalini energies to once again fire up the Pineal & pituitary Glands into supernal light.  Unavoidably so one is confronted with the awareness that within the illuminati there is a very tiny elite which understood to some extent the organic higher science involved since they know full well that this was the previous mode of existence of more evolved humans, but which have concealed such advanced knowledge from the masses, attempting to utilize it only for themselves, while giving distracting “theologies” to mankind, only there to serve as carriers of the concealed wisdom found in the religious symbols, narratives, names and so forth.

illuminated Pineal

each re-illuminated Pineal is the REBIRTH OF A STAR, as the "inner projection" of 5D or 4D Psionic Energy coalesces into the formation of cosmic bodies unto the immediately below Density/Dimension of light frequency; in other words a higher ascended being has a lighted celestial body in the under-dimension as his "name" or "mark" in the lower "sky" fractal. As the cosmos is nothing but a fractal multi-dimensional HOLOGRAM, with one same being having MULTIPLE manifestations throughout the Holographic Multiverses

The vast majority of Christians are painfully ignorant of the fact that the ENTIRE New Testament was written in Greek (Koine Greek to be exact), thus the importance of the pre-christian Greek eras is crucial to its understanding, but even more so to the underlying secret CIPHER GEMATRIA encoding  -akin to the counterpart similar Hebrew cipher Kabbalah encoding that permeates the Old Testament; the relevant difference is that while the modern Jewish scholars know full well about the triple or quadruple layers of Kabbalah encryptions found in the Old Testament texts, amongst the Christian scholars it is still a “non admitted” fact that its equivalent Greek encryptions are found in the New Testament -one could easily call it the most obvious grand secret ever held in out occidental civilization-.  In other words the powers-that-be have taught a “Literalist” version of spirituality & wisdom, forcefully concealing from the masses the deeper strata of meanings embedded in the encrypted Gematria layers. The great advantage in writing a blog as opposed to a dry academic thesis, becomes the unlimited freedom to casually jump from one topic to another, and weave them as one wishes, thus much easily arriving at the painfully absent synthesis of most formal studies (best defined as the manufactured imposition to know more & more about less & less, until one gets to know practically everything about almost nothing, assuring an unlimited shelf life to all the really Big Lies crafted under the cover of analytical modus operandi   -scholars paid to take apart everything without ever assembling anything back really-), provided one knows where is going or aiming at, that is.

“IHWH”  is a Hebrew 4-letter cipher code formula

“TETRAGRAMMATON” is a Greek word denoting the “IHWH”

“IHWH” matches perfectly the 4-letter human Genetic Code “ACTG”

The “TETRAGRAMMATON” (means: ‘4 letter word’) matches what then?

— It has to be something of comparable grand importance —

Let’s begin by looking at the map of Egypt, Israel, Greece, the Mediterranean, the Aegean:

Aegean Sea seems to have been land until more recently

the Aegean Sea seems to have been land until more recently -even including Cyprus-, just like the Black Sea that feeds its waters into it


Now one gets the distinct impression the entire area currently known as “Greece” actually had previously been rather centered in the present flooded Aegean Sea, which includes the Dodecanese Sea in its Southern portion  -where crucially the famed PATMOS ISLAND of Book of Apoc/Rev lore lies-:

“The name Aegean has been variously derived from Aegae, a city of ƒvvoia; from Aegeus, father of Theseus, who drowned

himself in the sea believing his son had been slain by the Minotaur; and from Aegean, an Amazon queen who drowned in it.

The sea’s ancient name, Archipelago, now applies to its islands and, generally, to any island group” -Encyclopedia Answers

Important to remember that “Aegean” Sea means Archipelago as well as the name of Theseus father, who “drowned”, while Theseus dared to go into the much feared LABYRINTH to kill the Minotaur monster, carrying ARIADNE’s (“Arian DNA”) thread to find his way back. I don’t know about you, but to me it seems as if the entire present “Aegean Sea” area then more land than sea had fewer islands and perhaps an underground system of tunnels and LABORATORIES (… Labyrinth… Laboratory… Labarum… Labrys… -catch my drift…?-), which operated for GENETIC ENGINEERING PURPOSES DURING THE TAURUS (“Minotaur”… “Minos” era during “Taurus”…) ZODIACAL ERA.   In my extrapolation, this “Aegean” area sank deeper or the water level increased perhaps due to related incoming floods from the present Black Sea area and concomitant volcanism/tectonic shifts, becoming a full sea openly connected to the Mediterranean Sea  -all the deep secrets of the area disappearing from further history, only preserved in Greek mythology and Gematria styled obscure encrypted wisdom for the tiny few ‘illuminati’ relatively in the know-Otherwise how can one for ex possibly explain the absolute anomaly within the Muslim circles, which seem to believe that the White Race was genetically engineered exactly in… (you guessed it…) PATMOS ISLAND about 6 thousand years ago…???? I don’t believe for one second their racist preposterous claim, yet it stands as a smoking gun evidence for my extrapolation, in the sense that this area and specially Patmos Island hides ancient secrets of enormous importance linked to Egypt and further back to global Atlantis; therefore the Book of Apoc/Rev supposedly written in Patmos Island in the Dodecanese Sea as part of the Aegean Sea, has to be considered in the terms I am here elucidating.  Specially since it concerns a “Beast That Was, Is Not, But Will Rise Again”, a Beast that is split into 2, one Beast from the Sea and another Beast from the Earth; the almost self-evident pun of Atlantis as a sunken “island” of sorts, and of the Aeagean area sinking under the water, requires no PhD in Harvard high IQ but simply the most elemental detective dog-sniffing trait.

Greek Aegean Dodecanese places of ancient mystery & worship

Greek Aegean Dodecanese places of ancient mystery & worship, including the famous ORACLES


previous Lemuria & Atlantis global & inter-planetary empires

surviving empires scattered throughout the Seven Seas & Ten Races

(Book of Apoc/Rev chapter 13)


“comm-AND-ments”   ~~~   “DNA

Also a veiled ref to the ancient etheric organic Internet which interacted with the Pineal Gland & the DNA…?

COM-mand-ENT   ~~~  “(dot).COM” & “(dot).NET”

{ “TEN” = “NET” }

CHI RHO SIGN OF CONSTANTINE - at Coll de Nargo` - Spanish Pyreneess

"CHI RHO" SIGN OF CONSTANTINE - at Coll de Nargo` - Spanish Pyrenees (including the "Alpha & Omega" at left & right, the "S" money symbol at the bottom, and both "+" and "x" crosses); the "p" AT THE TOP STANDS FOR PAX/PEACE AT THE POLES AFTER THE CATACLYSMS, AND A TIME FOR "P"ROCREATION THROUGH "S"EX -this the reason the Omega is shaped like a "P"enis-, a time for a new Adam & Eve to multiply

If you truly believe that Emperor Constantine actually saw this “CHI RHO” (XP in our present English alphabet) sign in the sky preceding a defining battle, then you are a lost cause in the realm of naivete; it’s utterly obvious this was a much but much more ancient cipher glyph spanning all the way from the Aegean area to present Ireland (via the Pyrenees).  As RHODES Island in the south end of the Aegean / Dodecanese Sea was by far the most important besides Crete, and as Aegean meant ARCHIPELAGO, one is tempted to reduce its meaning to just such, but this is only scratching the surface of the encoding:



The connection of the British/Irish Isles via the Pic s & Celts to the same mystery is evident in the names:


In my other older blog I’ve explained on several occasions that Language as being etheric/psychic and non material, runs from/to all directions of Time and is NOT strictly formed or dependent on historical precedence always in a fixed Past-To-Future sequence as conventional philology claims, in other words the Alpha & Omega points of “beginning” and “end” often switch positions depending on the SUBCONSCIOUS SUBTEXT OF THE NEURO-LINGUISTICS, WHICH ARE MOST DEFINITELY NOT A SINGLE STRAIGHT LINEAR VECTOR OF HISTORICAL TIME AS WE CONSCIOUSLY EXPERIENCE IT, BUT RATHER A MOST COMPLEX INTER-DIMENSIONAL MULTIPLE-TIMELINES FIELD, THAT FOR ALL PRACTICAL PURPOSES IS A VERITABLE MAZE OR LABYRINTH.






-I used the “Restore-Point” computer analogy in my previous older blog, to illustrate this-

Thus the “Labyrinth” resulting context pertains not only to the Subconscious Neuro-Linguistic Construct per se, but to very the end-destination of the actual reality itself in which the Time-Traveller surviving groups landed in; a veritable Labyrinth in many senses of the expression, where MANY REFERENTIAL TIMELINES JUXTAPOSE BACK & FORTH AS VIEWED FROM S SINGLE TIMELINE VECTOR.  If you have trouble understanding this, simply picturing a group during for ex the fall of Lemuria days, deciding to time travel a very long span back in time to “begin again”  -thus past becomes future and so on and so forth-, or inversely time traveling a long span forward into the future to “begin again”, and this for ex could be our present civilization perhaps DISCONNECTED IN LINEAR TIME from the much more ancient in the night of times global & inter-planetary civilizations of Lemuria & Atlantis.  Under this scenario, the attempt to square off a smooth linear sequential time where one civilizations springs form a previous one in the same exact Timeline, could be impossibilities brought on by a narrow mindset unaware of the intricacies of the Time-Travel agendas of survival.  However the Linguistic Templates could encapsulate much better these Timeline Labyrinths, evidencing a Subconscious multi-language phenomenon of SYNCHRONIC CONVERGENCE; and that these converging patterns is where the actual & true memory of the Labyrinth movements is to be found in the form of Neuro-Linguistic scripts attached to Karmic Records of Akashic nature (only this type of Synchronic Language capable of traversing various Timelines instantaneously). In my opinion the knowledge of this aspect of language as Carrier of Multiple Timelines Records (RAM/ROM organic memories in the Morpho-Genetic Fields) is evident in the insistence of all ancient “mother” tongues such as Hebrew, Sanskrit, Greek, etc, to delve in the FRACTAL PATTERN “SACRED” ASPECT of language as “Zero-Time” Informatics.

Synchronic Linguistics then carry data information across eons in varied simultaneous manners:

TETRAGRAMMATON (5 Vowels / 9 Consonants)

But in Universal Standard English Gematria / a=1, b=2, …, z=26:



(Consonants:   3 letter T, 2 letter M, 2 letter R, 1 letter G, 1 letter N)

(Vowels:  3 letter A, 1 letter E, 1 letter O)

Skull & Bones “322” code  ~  “322” / “TMR”,  where M:R is Rev 13:18

(3xT)+(2xM)+(2xR)+(1xG)+(1xN) = (3×20)+(2×13)+(2×18)+(1×7)+(1×14)  =  143

But this simple procedure shows that the word Tetragrammaton perfectly encodes the Apoc/Rev code, as:


Implying that the “IHWH” cipher was tied to whatever took place in the Aegean/Dodecanese area very long ago before our

historical Timeline “restarted” about 13 thousand years ago, and that the convoluted thread is found in certain language ciphers,

working at many levels in astonishing minutia (the Subconscious Filed is considerably more elaborate than the Conscious):

(3xT)+(2xR)   =   (3×20)+(2×18)   =   96   =   ATLANTIS

(2xM)+(1xG)+(1xN)   =   (2×13)+(1×7)+(1×14)   =   47   =   BEAST

If you are beginning to panic at the realization that language is a completely different animal than the stable & limited tiny little thing you were taught it is, may I suggest you reassess what specially Carl Jung discovered in respect to the Subconscious/Unconscious from the point of view of this new realization; of course both Freud and Jung became aware that language has “many” other much more elaborate and intricate aspects of stagering depth & complexity, serving AS AN ANCHOR TO MANY TIMELINES AND INCARNATIONS THROUGH A “SYMBOLIC MULTI-LAYERED” MEANING, this peculiar awareness stemming from their study of Dreams. When we dream, we are not merely recreating previous memories in a single present incarnation, but evidently sometimes jumping both backwards & forward in Time across several eons and incarnations as well, and these 2 psychologists realized that, yet chose for perhaps political reasons (their well being under the powers-that-be) to speak only regarding a narrow angle of what they had discovered  -because that was exactly what they were paid to do, and nothing more-.  Yet they were no fools, and were keen to observe the “vast flyovers” of the Subconscious Mind during the deep Dream of sleep.  Carl Jung was a bit more brave and began disclosing for ex several findings pertaining the period of Pharaoh Akhenaten days, as the apex of the assimilation of the Hyksos (HABIRU) immigrants into Egypt, and their subsequent expulsion (becoming the “HEBREW”).  He was brave because he was part of the illuminati elite, and yet chose to reveal some of the secret knowledge they hoard for themselves, which if publicly known would reveal many fraudulent schemes of vast importance; Freud even more publicly also chose to elaborate on Pharaoh Akhenaten being the real model of the flight of “Moses” from Egypt, and he indeed wrote a book about it . As Freud had hired Jung, the exchange of secret information between them must have been phenomenal, and we can only guess what conversations they had concerning these things; as we know, Egyptology was precisely at a high nearly feverish point exactly during that time, and we have records of at least Freud engaging in wild speculations about ancient Egypt. How all this was swept under the rug, is a testament to how strongly manipulated academia has been ever since, to indoctrinate a grossly (laughable really) fraudulent & childish version of history and the origins.

Now if we reverse the number totals for each Consonant of the word  “TETRAGRAMMATON”:



[ (60)+(26)+(36)+(7)+)+(14) [  +  [ (06)+(62)+(63)+(7)+(41) ]   =   322

So it’s recursively back to the same   Skull & Bones “322”  code once again.

But then there is even more simultaneously embedded:

{60 ~ 6+0=6} {26 ~ 2+6=8} {36 ~ 3+6=9}

6 x 8 x 9  =  432

where:  [ 234 + 432  =  666 ]

and:  [  13 x 18 = 234 ] / Rev 13:18 verse about the “666”

This is where we have to pause a bit and reflect on what a much more advanced type of Etheric Organic Living Internet interactive with our Pineal & Pituitary Glands may imply, in terms of SECURITY; let me translate to you in case you are slow at following the plot.  If you any way or manner worried about the security in your computer or in the present day very limited Internet in general, just imagine what kind of security might be needed to protect the actual DIRECT ACCESS TO YOUR BRAIN VIA YOUR PINEAL & PITUITARY GLANDS WHEN RESONANTLY LINKED TO THE MORPHO-GENETIC FIELDS OF A SUPER ADVANCED MULTI-DIMENSIONAL ORGANIC INTERNET…!  The slightest breach of security would mean the possibility of Human Devolution…!  I humbly ask here:  was this perhaps what actually transpired in “ancient” times (or times that were ancient but maybe are located in what to us is our “future” in the sequential Time-Travel)…?  IS THIS WHAT THE SYMBOLIC ALLEGORY OF THE “GARDEN OF EDEN” HAS TRIED TO EITHER CONVEY OR CONCEAL, THAT WE WERE HACKED INTO WHEN THE ATLANTIS “KRYSTOS GRIDS” WERE SWITCHED OFF AND THE TIGHT SECURITY WAS THUS BREACHED…?

“Eating a fruit of the Garden” is evidently code for:
“ingesting/processing” a software program

(you “eat it” / process it:   YOU & REALITY AS NATURE CHANGES)


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    re-eveluate some ofyour material, almost everything is right except for a few things, there minor….but its the small things that are always more important….

  5. Estebon Lopez said


  6. Adonia said

    Thanks for sharing your info. I really appreciate your efforts and
    I am waiting for your next write ups thank you once again.

  7. Jerred said

    Thank you. This was very helpful information, I have been seeking answers for subjects and then my son found for me and I believe for himself an, te tra ga mma ton pendant. I was excited to find your blog and information after doing some research on this matter.

  8. michaelanthony perez said

    Bravo , Bravo ! Oh what the neck…Archy Bravo!!! Now mind u I am a simple man but regarding the G in the Masonic thing. Have u ever heard that the G was to denote the American branch of Masonry? Im just asking. Im not the master mason my father was. Im a simple man. Oh and the island of Pathmos…re: the book of revelation..the stars and celestial mentioned in said book weren’t visible on that island until a thousand years later. And the pyramids are a red herring. None the less u r helping so much ! I owe u !

  9. Beth said

    But, God is not worried about this. Even if this is amazing. He is interested in our responsability with His will. For our love each other. With Him. I will read it very slowly later to understand. It is very impresive. I have the same information from a Raby of a Kehilá from Mexico. And yours has more details. Thanks for this posting. I really appreciate it.

  10. FAS CI NA TING!!!



  11. Lan said

    Why users still make use of to read news papers when in this technological world
    everything is available on web?



  13. […] The mystery of the Tetragrammaton […]

  14. Juli said

    Generally I do not learn post on blogs, but I would like to say that this write-up very compelled me to take a look
    at and do it! Your writing taste has been surprised me.
    Thank you, quite nice post.

  15. teddylandclub said

    What’s even more interesting is, is that 1943 Nazi Germany took over Patmos Island. We all know that the Nazis had a huge interest in the occult. Did they know that something important on Patmos Island was hidden? I don’t want to make any quick assumptions, but I think you are actually here on something.

  16. M. Hilali said

    This is amazing it answer % 60 of my questions because I didn’t understand some of bits regarding my Arabic mother tongue but I will try my best to understand it all. Thanks

  17. Gmoney said

    Awesome knowledge!

  18. This has explained a lot to a good bit of our illusion of life
    And a good bit of why and what for. We are all each and every one of us in our own illusion of our own realities. So many lies and untruths out one much search and decern and go through the chaff which are full of thorns but to get to the fruit it must be done. To say this article was eye opening was an understatement. Very revealing keep up the good works

    • Chris Hohn said

      Of course all 3D matrix “life” is an illusion. The east tradition have always known this ” “The World Is Maya” (maya meaning illusion). Thanks for reading. In yesterday’s (resumed) article, I concur with David Icke that Love is the only things that really exists, but real true love, not the obsessions and Shopping Lists passing off as “love”.

  19. David said

    Nothing Exists.

  20. ixusions said

    Please I have to speak with you personally, my journey has brought me here back in 2015 before then I was experiencing many different synchronicities happen, it was like my being coddled at first then a huge BANG shook me awake, where I am forced to understand this stuff. I have been looking for you since 2015 but you are a mysterious man. I have gotten formulas form source mathematics formulas that only someone polished could read it requires a second eye, I have shown a friend that understands what I have explained and he is utterly confused at the accuracy of my work, please you haven’t posted since 201t I hope this message reaches you I have found the generators of Atlantis

  21. Apasionante encontrar su escrito hoy…🙏

  22. this is so cool

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