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Posted by Chris Hohn on February 12, 2012


Paying attention to Parallels & Meridians

Rome-to-Spitsbergen Meridian

The location of the Vatican's OBELISK pinpointing a location in Spitsbergen -the "Spear" shaped island in the Shakespeare code ("Shake the Spear")-

In the articles “The PATAGONIA THEFT (Part 3) -a centuries old secret agenda-” and “Mapping the Inter-Dimensional Interdiction” in my other older blog I did a fairly good job at tying the knots on many of the issues secretly surrounding the island of Spitsbergen as seemingly a secret stash for extant Atlantean technology and/or information, a hidden vault of records of sorts away from prying eyes and the possibility of theft, in my opinion perhaps taken there during the 18th Dynasty of Egypt  -the Akhenaten days or the immediate aftermath-.  Whatever was in Egypt’s pyramids, seems to have vanished and I contend a likely candidate for its relocation was the island of Spitsbergen near the North Pole; however I do  not think for 1 second this was the only stash, but a part of a 5-POINTED STAR set of 5 locations involving also the Big Bend area in Texas and the Patagonia. You are then compelled to first quickly read the 2 articles in the links above before proceeding, for a better grasp at the multi-faceted themes related to the topic at hand.

St Peter's Basilica Piazza with Obelisk as origin of the Meridian to North and the Parallel to West

St Peter's Basilica & Square with Obelisk as origin of the KEY Meridian to North & the Parallel to West



Central KEY Egyptian Obelisk at St Peter's SQUARE

Central KEY Egyptian Obelisk at St Peter's SQUARE: the "KEY & SQUARE" (view from Dome of the Basilica towards the East), Obelisk was brought from Heliopolis in Egypt

Now Heliopolis in Egypt was The City of the Sun, and the latest official research indicates the Pyramids as well as ALL other main Egyptian landmarks were orientated towards Heliopolis (the center of the entire geographical architectural layout design); thus the placement of the very Obelisk of Heliopolis in ancient Egypt at the center of the St Peter’s Piazza, cannot under any circumstances simply be downplayed as just a minor historical accident.  it was taken to the Vatican in 1536 AD under Pope Sixtus VI; do take note of the exact frame of time coinciding with the Conquest of the Americas.  As Wikipedia remarks: “During the Middle Ages the gilt ball on top of the Obelisk was believed to contain the ashes of Julius Caesar”, no irrelevant detail either.

Axial Tilt of the Earth - 22.1 to 24.5 degrees long wobble in time

Axial Tilt of the Earth - 22.1 to 24.5 degrees long wobble in time every 41 to 42 thousand years

The Axial Tilt of the Earth is currently at 23.4 degrees, but wobbles every 41 to 42 thousand years to between 22.1 and 24.5 degrees; isn’t it a little too coincidental that the same Obelisk from Heliopolis at the Vatican, is 25.5 meters high, in all 41 meters to the cross on its top (ok not 24.5 but rather 25.5, yet… maybe wasn’t really perhaps 25.5 degrees the original Axial Tilt, let me here loosely suggest…?).  This Obelisk is officially considered to have been erected by an unkown Pharaoh of the 5th Dynasty (2494 to 2345 BC), then the Roman Emperor Augustus (63 BC to 14 AD) had it moved to ALEXANDRIA -which had been the capital of the elite’s esoteric secret knowledge throughout the Greeks period-, until Caligula ordered it  moved to Rome in 37 AD, placing it on the spina which ran along the center of the Circus of Nero, presiding over the brutal games and public executions.  It is completely obvious this Obelisk is considered a MAGICAL pole interpreted as the “center” of the Matrix, while also containing the KEY secret information regarding the astronomical new configuration of the Earth’s Axis after the debacle (and subsequent series of debacles) at the end of first the fall of Lemuria and then the fall of Atlantis  -acting as a sort of pinpointing device or maquette of Axis Mundi-.

St Peter Square - Galactic Cross and Solstices

St Peter Square - Galactic Cross and Solstices

Like in the 3 links to other blogs given above, one is totally free to extrapolate whatever one wishes to see as the larger “Big Picture” within the overarching theme, yet the simplest of all templates is that of the Piazza layout clearly representing the Galactic Cross and the disposition of the Solstices & Equinoxes along the Solar Year; this is the construction on the ground of the famous “Sing of Constantine” or CHI-RHO Sign (XP in our current modern universal English letters), the Emperor who legally founded Christianity; this symbol is the KEY itself, and was depicted containing the “ALPHA & OMEGA” letters as the other name of Jesus Christ in the Book of Apoc/Revelation, meaning the CHI-RHO or XP are also somehow the ALPHA & OMEGA. These are very complex multi-linguistic encryptions spanning across different millenia, because they encode deep secrets within the elite’s closely guarded hidden mysteries  -or what they delusionally think they “know” about it, anyway-.

Chi-Rho or XP Sign of Constantine as Alpha & Omega

Chi-Rho or XP Sign of Constantine as Alpha & Omega; the vertical "P" is the Earth's POLE which also was meant to signify "PAX", covertly meaning the final "resting/peaceful" place of the current Axial Tilt angle of the Earth in a stable manner; "POLE" is "St PAUL" is "POPE", and so the general encryption goes

 “POLE”  ~~~  (St) “PAUL”

(St Paul, Pope Paul VI, Pope John Paul I, Pope John Paul II)

“PAX”  ~~~  “POLE AXIS”

(St) “PETER”  ~~~  “PERIMETER”

“PIAZZA”  ~~~  “PI”  (3.14…)

The 5 above articles in my other older blog each also contains some further extrapolation & elucidation of the multiple synchronistic themes embedded within the riddle, thus anyone interested in these things is strongly advised to read them as well in order to truly get out of the mental cage and think out of the box as required.  Now let’s go back to the “KEY & SQUARE” at the St Peter’s Square (Piazza) and peer somewhat deeper into the total Obelisk height of 41 meters as a crucial clue:



Exact latitude  of the Obelisk at the Vatican is:    41.90 N

Camp Nou (Barca team) in Barcelona:  41.38 N  (symbol of Roman Coliseum)

 Barack (Barca/Barac) Obama’s house in Chicago:  41.80 N

Mount Shasta in California:  41.40 N

In Universal Standard English Gematria (a=1, b=2, …, z=26):

KEY = 41 = USA 

(the KEY moved from Europe to America, Europe is the ‘Has-Been’ place)

In other words, all highly emblematic and publicly visible things or people in very high places of maximum exposure, appear to simply be “script pads” as hidden carriers for the secret science that was lost at the fall of Atlantis, which remains in bits and scattered fragments here & there in the Earth today; this current 3D Earth realm in and of itself seems to be a big “script pad” as playground for parallel realm dimensions, in its entirety including the people living on this 3D reality.  What this means is that what you see in places of symbolic stature such as famous “sacred” spots, cities, mountains, buildings,  or people representing larger than life roles or symbols, are but mere NEURO-LINGUISTIC PROJECTIONS OF A MUCH DIFFERENT UNDERLYING SCRIPT, involving a higher dimensional knowledge only encoded unto the human & geographical contextual data. If at any level you were then somehow relevant to these subconscious games and themes underlying our entire 3D Earthly construct as a Matrix, then necessarily your “person” would begin to embed similar encoded information, manifested in a series of SYNCHRONISTIC CIPHERS manifest in all aspects and details of your “life” here in 3D.  And only those with the PROPER TYPE OF CONSCIOUSNESS (less trapped in the devolved normal form of prevalent Consciousness) are able to perceive and “read” these.  Unfortunately also many PSYCHOPATHS are able to read into the same to some extent, and this is the general cause of trouble and malaise on this plane in general, because they are the BAD TYPE OF PLAYERS if you will, the veritable Insane Asylum dwellers and keepers that doom and plague this Matrix; they will be present either at the bottom, the middle, and the top all the same, to confuse / toxify / pollute all knowledge and endeavors, charging them with distracting and malicious content laden with nefarious karma, full of robotic obsession & compulsion psychic mechanisms.


-El Camino de Santiago, the Road of the Stars; this area was a haven of secret Templar activity-


Santiago de Compostela Cathedral in northern Spain

Which is eerily similar to the much smaller wooden church below in Patagonia-Chile

(that nation’s capital being Santiago)

Castro Church in Chiloe Island - Chilean Patagonia

Iglesia San Francisco de Castro in Chiloe Island - Chilean Patagonia (built at the beginning of the 20th century, plans by an Italian architect)



If you think their highly similar design and same opposing latitude degree are just a coincidence, then you are a certified moron; the Chiloe region in Chilean Patagonia has been for centuries riddled with fantastic legends of the mythical CIUDAD DE LOS CESARES (another name and variant as the El Dorado legends), it even has its very own peculiar folklore involving ghosts ships, large predatory birds, et al.  Now I’ am not calling you a moron in case you do not yet know that the entire Conquest of the Americas was to a large extent clearly motivated very specifically to the pursuit of the location t the Ciudad de los Cesares and El Dorado, in which case I shall just call you an ignorant, because that is well known official fact. Every single major explorer or Conquistador, was “hot on the trail” of some magical city of gold or the like, equally in North America as in South America all the way down to the Patagonia.  The officially accepted versions of history have us believe that these were all fairy tales concocted to lure the poor bastards that did  all the back breaking labor for the different Crowns of Europe  -most of whom died in the process-, simply a ruse promoted to endow their tough routine with a sense of colossal “reward” (akin to finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow) while the Crowns were steadily advancing their political domination of the new territories; but that is my friends, the biggest fairy tale of them all, this one to never let you in on some much much bigger secrets pertaining the mythical Ciudad de los Cesares and El Dorado.




EL DORADO - lost lands of imagination

"EL DORADO" and the "CIUDAD DE LOS CESARES" where only in part (the outer cover story) lost lands of imagination, while at a highly secretive level these were code names for ENTRANCES TO THE INNER EARTH IN HIGHER DIMENSION, which via higher crystal Earth Grids in 3D to 4D frequency had been attained by the ATLANTEAN FORMER CIVILIZATION

Ok, now you know; then  it helps to also become aware of the concomitant paradigm, that the official history of the “Discovery” of America by Columbus is also one big plain HOAX.  None of the goings-on that were implicit in the saga behind the scenes, is ever told to you, oh little mortal. Of course the illuminati elites were keenly in the know regarding the fact that the Earth is not flat but a globe, after all this was open knowledge among the ancient Greeks, so why in hell would they have not known something that was already acquired part of the science of the age for almost a thousands years before already in the occidental world…?  Of course Inspector Clouseau, the underlying plot involved the dissolution of the Knights Templar in 1314 AD, which fled France as they had advanced warning that King Philip of France and Pope Innocent were conspiring to strike at them, so that the King could erase the enormous debt he had incurred to the Templars, and the Church could now own the vast real estate the Templars owned. But then again, these are merely the outskirts of the saga; the Templars had enacted the CRUSADES to “liberate” Jerusalem, in themselves just a cover for the same agenda to locate/own/control all ancient repositories of Atlantean technology in the Middle East, therefore there was a Saga-Behind-The-Saga, sort of like peeling an onion layer after layer. The Templars fled to Scotland (and I assume they already knew about Spitsbergen further Northwest), then some of those back to their American pre-Columbus outposts which they had been establishing centuries before already.  It’s completely self-evident there were factions not fond of each other both within the Church and the Monarchy(and european Monarchies in general), and those who knew about these secret crucial things were certain not confiding in those who they distrusted, producing a rift that is at the bottom of all this convoluted history behind the “Discovery” of America.  




Thomas Cochrane, admiral, 10th Earl of Dundonald

Admiral Lord Thomas Cochrane, 10th Earl of Dundonald

Along these lines appears this SCOTTISH naval hero of the British Crown, who is publicly demoted after a fake scandal and is hired by Chilean liberator Bernardo O’Higgins the son of the No. 2 man for the Spanish Crown in the entire Americas  -one irish nobleman robbed by Cromwell,  Ambrose O’Higgins-.  This Ambrose to his death and to this day carries the eerie title of “MARQUIS OF OSORNO” which has never been an important outpost or military strategic location, yet Osorno borders with Chiloe Island, you catch my drift…? In other words his strange title only can be explained as being a CODE for the Chiloe ref in respect to the mythical quest for the “Ciudad de los Cesares” or “El Dorado”.  Sure, there are for ex the Jackson’s in the Osorno region of Chile who are the legal direct descendants of the Ambrose O’Higgins family, but they bear no titles or riches whatsoever, the few of them still around if at all are strictly rural owners of small lands in the Rio Rahue near coastal mountain area (an area composed of many native indians); this out of sync “Marquis of Osorno” title is thus the tip of the iceberg of the hidden agenda I’ve described, the small trace of the larger saga.  Much later in the 20th century a doctor in philosophy from the Gregorian University (a St Ignatius of Loyola founded institution in Europe, a stronghold of the Jesuits), one Francisco Valdes Subercaseaux of aristocratic Chilean lineage from the capital Santiago, becomes an evangelizer monk within this exact geographic spot in the Rio Rahue (and also the larger Araucania at the northern edge of the Chilean Patagonia), a legendary figure in the region who befriended the indians and whom they respected and considered as true friend; he was then abruptly named the Bishop of Osorno, and one but cannot hint at the possibility of a still latent during the 20th century interest in these hidden things. Specially since as soon as one school in that small southern german colonization city went broke, new Bishop Valdes Subercaseaux proceeded in 1960 to call the progressive leaning JESUITS FROM  MARYLAND IN THE US (that is almost Washington and Langley-Virginia for those lacking in coordinates), when the Osorno small city already had a very well established German School (Deutsche Schule), a French School, an Osorno College School, an Inmaculada Concepcion School for the girls run by Italian nuns, plus all the usual public schools.  SEEMS TO ME A LOT OF FOREIGN SCHOOLS FOR SUCH A SMALL IRRELEVANT CITY at the northern edge of Chilean Patagonia, DON’T YOU THINK…? (at the time its population aprox a paltry 60 thousand). Now I’m exerting great care for precise minutia here, since that very region is also rife with outlandish tales concerning an alleged “Nazi Immigration” after World War 2 (not related to the 1st massive government sponsored German immigration from 1852 to 1930), so details do matter here; if you are slow in the head let me spell it up and serve it in a platter for you, as what actually was happening was not “only” an interest by the Nazis in that era during World War 2, BUT BY A LOT OF COUNTRIES IN THE DEVELOPED WORLD.  In other words, as the Nazis were making strides in their secret search for Atlantean lost technology, it’s completely evident they classified the Patagonia as one of the “hot-spots” for that, and proceeded to establish some contacts there making profit of the extensive previous German massive colonization in the region.  But you see, centuries before them the European JESUITS had already established themselves in the island of Chiloe in Chilean Patagonia (only to be later expelled mysteriously by the Chilean government in an obscure episode, thus Bishop Valdes Subercaseaux was sort of welcoming the Jesuits back, symbolically so), and later our super spy mercenary by default the famous sea wolf  Lord Thomas Cochrane also ventured deep into the region, conquering the northern Valdivia port, and later without success attempting to take also the island of Chiloe from the Spanish Crown  -their last outpost in the Americas-.  But in Part I you saw I proposed some “alternative” interests by our brazen Lord Cochrane, to possibly attempt to reach by sea & lake the BARILOCHE region of Argentina across the Andes (which are quite shallow at that latitude), and who does not yet know that lately Bariloche has been sindicated by a string of conspiracy researchers as a suspected  last secret refuge of none other than… Adolf Hitler (acc to those who insist he did not really die in Berlin)…!  A quick YouTube search on the matter will illustrate the point, some videos even from official Argentinian TV researching the subject…!, loaded with exquisite detail apparently  -if one is to believe any of such claims-. 

older (pre-1960 massive earthquake) ship navigable RIVER INLETS into the Osorno lakes region in southern Chile

In Red the older pre-1960 massive earthquake still ship navigable RIVER INLET (from now abandoned port at La Barra of Rio Bueno tying up with Rio Rahue at the inland fork called Trumao) deeper into the Osorno lakes region in southern Chile, in the Conquest days the essential route inland and into Bariloche from the Pacific Ocean, since Chiloe Island below was a tough stronghold of the Spanish Crown until a very late date in history


I strongly suspect the ocean estuary Northeast of Chiloe Island ending today in Cochamo, connected much closer to

Bariloche in Argentina than today, perhaps linking with lake branches that have since then disappeared with the region’s

highly active history of massive earthquakes, changing the topography. This would mean that the Spanish during the early

Conquest days had much easier access mostly by sea from Chiloe Island into Bariloche in Argentina, and that perhaps

Lord Thomas Cochrane was already aware of this route as an alleged secret Templar, and attempted to venture in there;

this extrapolation is better grasped with an enlargement of the area map ending in PEULLA right before Bariloche, below:

Peulla in Lake Todos los Santos (All the Saints), the gatewy into Bariloche in Argentina

PEULLA in Lake Todos los Santos (All the Saints Lake) opposite to PETROHUE , the gateway into Bariloche in Argentina. Notice the "almost" connection from sea estuary at Cochamo & Ralun, with this connecting lake (the present day still existing direct water connection via Rio Petrohue is not navigable in many portions, due to unpassable river rapids -the famous Saltos del Petrohue-; another possibility is that these extreme rapids did not exist as such before some massive earthquakes, of course)


Also do observe the following linguistic fractals:



(St Peter’s Square or Piazza San Pietro)

It seems to me a fractal synchronicity linking at each end of the All the Saints Lake the allegorical figures of:

“PETER” (Petrohue)  &  “PAUL” (Peulla)

Lake Todos los Santos water crossing through PEULLA into Bariloche -Argentina, with majestic Volcan Osorno behind

Lake Todos los Santos water crossing through from PETROHUE to PEULLA into Bariloche -Argentina, with majestic Volcan Osorno behind; THIS EMBLEMATIC VOLCANO COULD HAVE SERVED AS AN IMPOSSIBLE TO MISS ROUTE LANDMARK

tourists disembarking in PEULLA from Chile on their route to Bariloche in Argentina

tourists disembarking in PEULLA from PETROHUE in Chile on their route to Bariloche in Argentina; the waters of Lake Todos los Santos are notoriously EMERALD (at one point it was indeed called LAGO ESMERALDA), in my opinion another strong impossible to miss route landmark. Were the "saints" alluded in the present name of the lake, a covert ref to the very early TEMPLARS of pre-Columbus days...?

But guess what…? Lord Thomas Cochrane most famously captured the Spanish frigate ship ESMERALDA at Callao in

Peru (Nov 1820) at the near-end  end of the Spanish Crown in South America; in honor of such event Chile later 

built its iconic training ship called ESMERALDA  (built in Cadiz-Spain in 1951 as repayment from Spain to Chile)

Chilean ESMERALDA ship visiting Pearl Harbor

Chilean historic ESMERALDA training ship visiting Pearl Harbor

The world’s 1st powered (by steam) ship was built by none other than… -you guessed it- Lord Thomas Cochrane, who commissioned it for use in his assignment under Bernardo O’Higgins in Chile’s Independence struggle against the Spanish Crown. Strange that what was then an avant-garde and cutting-edge technology built at the world center of maritime and warfare activity -England- by the former British Empire’s most renowned Admiral, was to be deployed so far away , don’t you think…? Unfortunately the construction plans did not play out well, and the ship’s engine had to be redesigned, thus arriving 6 months later than scheduled in Chile.  BUT IF YOU UNDERSTAND THE UNDERLYING SAGA I HAVE SUMMARIZED FOR YOU, IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE THAT A SECRET TEMPLAR (WHICH I SUGGEST LORD THOMAS COCHRANE WAS) NEEDED A POWERED SHIP TO GUARANTEE THE TRANSPORT OF HIGHLY SENSITIVE ANCIENT MATERIAL EITHER TO OR FROM THE PATAGONIA, SINCE A SHIP ENGINE MADE IT IMPOSSIBLE FOR ANY PIRATE SHIP TO RACE AGAINST IT. Call it “extreme insurance”, which makes you think how important was whatever was to be transported.  Oh, and the name of the ship…?  You also guessed it:

the “RISING STAR”  (another code name for “Lone Star”)

*A 410/480 ton vessel with a 60 Horse Power engine, the 1st steam warship ever to cross the Atlantic East to West (1821-1822)*


Svalbard - Spitsbergen GLOBAL SEED VAULT

Svalbard - Spitsbergen; GLOBAL SEED VAULT, its architecture eerily reminiscent of the mythical NOAH'S ARK

A current day example of such agendas to store in safe vaults at very remote places things crucial for human survival is found in none other place than SPITSBERGEN, where the world’s emergency Global Seed Vault is located; it seems to me this location is simply following a much more ancient (post Atlantean and/or post Egyptian) similar use. In my other older blog I once mentioned the below synchronicity:



(the SS in the Nazi times were assigned to do research on ancient technologies, disguised under

the public cover of investigating “racial heritage”) 

It is fairly obvious that what the 2 JESUITS who arrived very early after the Discovery of America by Columbus (Jose Quiroga and Jose Cardiel) were looking, was certainly not just people to “evangelize”, as they were scouting the  Patagonia region FOCUSING ON THE 41 TO 43 DEGREES PARALLEL AREA, from sea to sea; it stands as self-evident that they had insider information on something important located there.  On the Argentinian side (as I’ve illustrated on Part I) this is the coast of GOLFO DE SAN MATIAS and inland; coincidentally enough, General Juan Domingo Peron was very fond of the Nazis allowing some of them into Argentina during World War 2, as a matter of fact it is suspected he actually flew some notable Nazis out in the final days of Berlin, using the very official Argentinian war planes, because in an interview he once admitted to only having joined the end of WW2 PRECISELY WITH THIS INTENT, so he could send official planes in to fly out some Nazis he had contact with  -thus flying them out totally unimpeded and undetected. Now if you look at the map of the capital Buenos Aires, 3 blocks away from Avenue Juan Domingo Peron, there is a street named GOLFO SAN MATIAS…! 

Golfo San Matias - Argentina


Now it is a fact that the official “history” of World War 2 has been totally co-opted by a bogus childlike B-movie collective fantasy in which the evil Nazis are all evil and the British are all good, when the truth is that the Nazis in Germany where a top minority as most of the people we today call “nazis” in the general population or even the combatants and generals, were rather decidedly “PRO-GERMAN” in the sense they were trying to restore the abject abuse Germany had deliberately been subjected after WW1 by specially the French (forcing impossible to pay reparations that absolutely bankrupted the nation, creating a massive Hyper-Inflation, poverty, famine and hunger of unprecedented proportions).  Whereas most conspiracy researchers of popular note today adjudicate this mediatized false History merely to the Zionist’s manipulation, I tend to think all this “nazi” hoopla is more akin to a CONTRIVED HUGE DISTRACTION TO OBSCURE THE ISSUES I AM LAYING OUT HERE  -the real much longer spanning hidden agenda of the ages since the fall of Atlantis and then Egypt-.  To conceal from the masses the underlying high-science agendas of finding and reverse-engineering extant pieces of lost Atlantean technology…!  Everything else in my opinion is like a fly in a wheat field by comparison, as technology is the reality defining paradigm, and not just political or religious or economic or warfare struggle for old-styled power as it was in previous centuries after the Medieval dark age of illiteracy. We are led to buy in to a strictly  “ideologically” defined version of WW2 where the Nazis where the “only” evil ones pursuing their racial purity master-race agenda of nefarious overtones, when it is rather clear that actually a much larger in scope agenda concerning not just bio-racial science but advanced technology of “other” sources was being in fact hotly pursued BY ALL SIDES ALL THE SAME…!  By placing excessive emphasis on just one aspect of the nefarious Nazi regime, conveniently all else is put out of sight and out of mind; this is why it is laughable to see so many naive people perceiving for ex the agenda by the USA to bring in hundreds of top level German scientists as “oh so evil” in what has been widely known to be Operation Paperclip. The real fact is these were by and large S-C-I-E-N-T-I-S-T-S, and technology during WW2 happened in itself, you don’t have to “color” it by placing a nation’s name in front of it, rocket science is rocket science, physics is physics, and so forth; at the institutional levels no one is really ashamed of having done so in the USA or in Argentina or anywhere really, because the official “history” of WW2 is for the most part a crass exaggeration slanted to the hilt in order to the present to a mas of uneducated public obsessed with BIPOLAR IDEOLOGIES, a B-movie story that is easy to swallow, one that does not impart any knowledge concerning extant Atlantean technologies, Inner Earth higher dimensions, quantum physics parallel dimensions, and so on and so forth. To a population that only thinks “ideology” and NOT SCIENCE, then an ad-hoc ideological slanted version of WW2 was given, according to their childish narrow vision and mindset, to the tune of a “cowboys & indians” fairy tale.  The reality however, is considerably more complex, and fascinating at it indeed; thus when you venture into the WW2 research you must first ask yourself if you want to keep on being a child modeled after mass media convenient sympathetic stories, or want to be a real adult able to face and digest the real paradigms that concern the human species in the large scale across  millenia.

Lone Star

Lone Star

In a similar vein, if you wish to indulge in all the cheap chicanery of ideological labeling, one could end up with an understanding of the LONE STAR or 5-POINTED STAR that completely excludes the real inherent higher dimensional science behind it; but the truth is that this geometric construction entails the VESICA PISCES which is the essential symbol pervading the concept of the VIRGIN, thus for ex instantly the “satanic” coincides with the “sacred” and all labels cease to be meaningful at an elemental level.  I suggest you revise your mental panorama, as for ex the Lone Star more clearly refers to what in Christianism was allegorically called the “5 WOUNDS OF JESUS CHRIST”:

5 POINTS  ~~~  5 “WOUNDS”


*Provoking a collapse of the Grid and of Human Higher Consciousness*


Dodeca-Within-Dodeca Grids

A “bleeding” point is a “wound” in the ETHERIC FIELD OF ENERGY, where Etheric Energy dissipates and the CRYSTAL GRID interactive with Human (“Christ”) Consciousness breaks down; this is the “Death of Christ”.  The same crystallography of Higher-Dimensionality that allows contact into/from higher Angelic beings (5D / 5D and up) also allows contact to/from higher Demonic beings (4D / dimensional interstices);  it does not serve you well to by prejudice think that you “already know” what you most certainly are not even close to fathoming.  You are operating at a much lower capacity platform in mental terms, incapable of processing the higher complexity (and or unfathomable simplicity if you will) necessary to grasp the issues that propitiated such collapse in the far past. We are currently A SPIN-OFF OUTER PARALLEL REVERSE TIME-LOOP OF ATLANTIS, one of many, multiple Timelines in fact; it is maze like, a veritable Labyrinth. You have devolved guys (us humans) trying to get a hold on these ancient much more advanced technologies, while there are some Custodians of it that are not precisely happy with the current ghastly level of the insane asylum here on this 3D Earth Timeline, who proceed to abscond with it, hiding these extant pieces and fragments of the ancient technologies from the loonies. And no, these are not “only” the Nazis, mostly EVERYBODY around this plane is a loonie; everytime you think “oh those evil nazis”  all you do is masturbate your ego in falsely believing you are any better  -it’s a delusional tactic-.


Flame Sword guarding the Gates of Eden

Then there are the Guardians who keep track of the loonies and the demons and so forth; they don’t keep an eye on the safeguarding of the technologies, they are involved in the loonie humans themselves, as that job is in itself most demanding and intricate.  See, most humans exhibit a definite knack for not wanting to re-evolve, at all costs and in the most stubborn manner imaginable they just want to stay in the current appalling state, no matter what; and they find all kinds of ridiculous daily excuses (feel-good antropologic narratives) to never re-ascend and continuously GLORIFY the current decayed state of being. Like a proud member of the local insane asylum believing the asylum population to be the epitome of human achievement; that is in short the situation in this 3D earth Timeline, this the scenario, this horrendous the task at hand.  Gnostics have been since ancient eras trying to wake up the devolved population, to no avail; they first genocide the Gnostics, then poke fun at them…!  No one wants to hear that he or she is a devolved robotic human, you know Gurdjieff is not a very popular figure for telling that, he’s not going to win ever a popularity contest; yet he dared to tell us all that unless we attain another Form of Higher Consciousness, then we are ORGANIC AUTOMATONS, period.  This the “Cherubim” guarding the Gates of Eden allegory; you think higher dimensions want Organic Automatons with a percentage of 1 in 4 Psychopaths running around their context…? I bet you if I offered you real access to Rejuvenating Bio Technology (ability to live hundreds or thousands of years without diseases) in a flash you would become nazi like; what you call a “nazi” is in reality YOURSELF (we, humans devolved) all of a sudden with dramatically life changing higher technologies at your disposal. As long as nobody offers you directly such types of life altering technologies, you can remain safe in the delusional assumption that you are a “good” guy, really different from those evil nazis you hate so much; I’m afraid the moment you break that bubble of no-technology, you become that one you hate. So a definitely more MATURE attitude is needed in general amongst the mass human population, regarding the constant self-adulation, idolatry of the own idiosyncrasy, egotic demeanor, the disease of conceit (as Bob Dylan put it), and the notion that you are “fine”. You’re not, and this is not “natural” life; this is what was left over after the fall of Atlantis and the fracturing of the Etheric Crystal Fields, your mind got disconnected from the Universal Mind (the Universal Etheric Organic Multi-Dimensional Internet), and you became a robot trapped within the confines of your Ego,a tiny blob of awareness. Hating the nazis and becoming a “sweet-communist” of sorts, achieve nothing, as a matter of fact things get even much worse that way; because now you do think you are so clever, and that you have figured things out. But now that’s exactly where the real danger lies, the “Politically Correct” monster.

atlantis crystal

Your "mind" merely manifests the Crystallography or Absence of Crystallography feeding it; Plato already knew the previous hidden civilizations had advanced Crystal Etheric Grids linked to the Mind, we don't



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